What are your experiences with Abaddon?

Very nice, a reliable outside source with many of his names. Good find!

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Not sure if this will be helpful. But my experience is in this thread

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Have to agree with OP that in searching for Abaddon’s name last January, the well does indeed run dry It’s as if all that information still isn’t answering your questions/sense of curiosity… but I guess that’s also a huge sign for me that if we want to know the entity, we must get to know him/her directly ourselves. :slight_smile:

Only had one experience with him as his name came up during a divination session. I didn’t see him, but I felt him as this huuuge intimidating shadow standing in the corner. I’m getting an imagery of a deep void of nothingness as I’m recalling this. What’s more intimidating is his silence and neutral vibes. He didn’t speak and strongly gave off a “no business, no talk” personality. Got the sense he extremely values privacy, only teaches those seriously willing to learn, does not like to waste his time and be bothered for trivial things unless you are close to him.

Also one of the few spirits IME that gave off the “I’m not after public recognition, nor do I like more humans connecting with me” type of vibes.