What are your attitudes towards Goddess Worship/Divine Femininity?

I’m asking out of curiosity knowing that LHP, Pagan and “Witch” religions like Wicca have a concept of divine femininity, but this isn’t always absolute, especially in the LHP.

Being physically female, I respect someone who prefers to focus on the spiritual feminine. I find myself doing that for certain rituals, actually. But I also prefer to focus on masculine concepts (with feminine draconian symbolism and certain Goddesses for an exception) partly because I have a more “masculine” personality according to Western standards (I’m more impulsive, aggressive, and energetic than many other girls I’ve met, so I tend to work with Chaos and warrior spirits or symbols because they have traits related to my personality). I think both binary genders are important to acknowledge.


i believe that both are important as well but i also see no issue in worshipping a single god or goddess. for example Hekate is my matron deity. I will often refer to her as my queen and mother. sometimes taking it a bit further than that. Really i see worship as a personal choice


I’m in a similar boat, being female but not entirely feminine. I acknowledge and respect femininity and the Divine Feminine in all its forms, but my patrons have always been the Deities who make things, and most of those are masculine.

I guess i just haven’t been called by a Goddess yet


I think you need both masculine and feminine divinities in your work. But wiccans are morons smh. Not all entities even have a gender. Some entities are so alien that we can’t even begin to guess whether they are dudes or chicks.


The thing that bothers me about Wicca is actually the matriarchal system. I understand a female being considered sacred because of the potential to grow and birth young, but many Wiccans take it to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like patriarchy, but a female opposite isn’t that better.

I think genderless and bigender entities are also worth working with. I’m very devoted to Baphomet, who is both female and male because he represents duality. I actually have to say it’s thanks to Baphomet I even started working LHP magic in the first place.


I’ve never worked with Baphomet but I have nothing but love for that entity. I agree with the stupidity of patriarchy or matriarchy. The strongest and wisest should rule regardless of whether they are black or white, male or female.


Nothing Wrong with it at all, I am male and the goddesses reached out first to me and have been doing so for a long while, i get the occasionall male deity here and there but mainly feminine energies come my way :slight_smile:


Ah geez, i was in that temple ive been seeing…and Azazel was there and something happened …it was pretty profound and Azazel said something about when the god and goddess come together it was complete. Or something to that effect.

I feel that a female mother goddess is very important and alot of the time she gets kicked to the side and ignored for the male power hungry gods. She silently watches her children.

She is underestimated most of the time, and no one actually sees how wonderful and powerful she is.
I do understand that it takes the duality of male and female. And even in to create a child it takes the male and female.
I just think everyone stampedes over her to get to whatever the male god is saying or offering without considering what the mother goddess can do, give, or teach.


^ That about sums up my view, I think we need balance, anyone who tried a male or female surpemacist stunt with spirits, elevating one as supreme (as some wiccans do with the feminine aspect) is just furthering that imbalance.