What are things people have said to try and stop you from practicing magick?

From my father “you have no right to play god”

My response: “By your logic, you have no right to modern medicine or conveniences that helps you live longer then. Can’t play god after all.”

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A dejected but repeated multiple times each time more firmly than the last. “But it’s against the bible…”
As if the bible has shit to do with shinola to someone who doesn’t follow it. It’s a religious book, not a document of law.


“Bible quotes mixed with some cryptic threats”
– Christians

“You’re doing it wrong. You should quit. And more cryptic threats.” – Snotty occultists

“You’re stealing energy–something about karma and universal justice, wa-wa-wa!” – Everyone else


But of course they don’t want you practicing witchcraft, ppl fear what they don’t understand or because of their own brainwashing wanna put their beliefs on you. Put you in a neat little box, so they know how to deal with you.

I’ve been told so many reasons why I shouldn’t, and then some do gooder puts a bumper sticker on their car and I happen to be behind them. You can’t get away from it. You’ll be told it doesn’t work, warned of a fiery hell, can’t watch antenna TV because of all the xtian get rich quick tax free schemes on your days off, yada yada, your well meaning co worker or friend who may be a bit afraid of your new goth look, honestly their bs never ends. I’m a live and let live person until someone tries to convert me, then I grab the pepper spray lol


Ikr, I gave up on xtianty before I even became pagan lol. I read the Bible front to back 3 times and stopped have way thru the fourth. So full of inconsistency, contradictions, and it condones what it forbids. I am somewhat new to satanism, but I do know that the Bible is more dangerous, when you realize how many ppl have been murdered because of that god. More than any other religion in the history of the world. In my opinion, that god, is a sadist. He watches while the world suffers, no thanks well wishers haha

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“So you want to go to hell?”
My response, sure, after the life I’ve lived Hell seems like a good place for some rest and relaxation.


I usually only bring it up if someone asks about my religion. I will tell people I’m considering dating in advance…like a get away from the spooky witch card…I mean I figure it’s only fair to warn someone. Most people say ok, cool and never speak to me again or I have been asked if I plan to put any voodoo spells on them before.

I have friends of every religion. We often sit and respectfully talk about similarities and differences and share our individual beliefs with each other. I’m pretty blunt and up-front with people that I respect everyone has a right to choose their religious path. I won’t bash yours, but I expect you to not bash mine either.

If I know I’m dealing with someone very Christian or vey close minded I just do a lot of grinning and nodding and I keep my mouth shut…and try not to giggle at the comments my various spirits whisper in my head.


“Just be careful”
And I’m fine with that. But the few people I told I knew they could handle it.
Not gonna go ahead and tell people who would look at me like I’ve escaped the mental asylum because 1 I don’t want their negative judgmental energy to affect my work and 2 got no time to loose and nothing to prove to anyone :+1:


Can you explain this? I didn’t know this was possible.

When they tell me to be careful, I just tell them I always am. :wink:

It can affect the practitioners mindset, and that’s really the only way. A believers energy can only affect a witch if the witch allows it to affect him or her, by believer I mean a xtian or some that follows the rules of the loyal herd. If the witch were to second guess her own power or doubt her magick because of the opinions of others, that’s the only way.


Even if they are lying?

Lol, it makes me giggle whenever I hear someone say that a curse or magick cannot affect them because they have God, because nothing could be further from the truth, in fact it seems to work very well on them. If they don’t mean what they say or lie, doesnt matter. It what the witch perceives as being a sincere statement. If the witch perceives it to be true and gives a shit what they say and think, then it can.

Wow. This is very profound. I’ve been lucky to have stumbled across so many gems on the forum today.

What you’re saying is this someone is saying things to get you to doubt your power? How is this beneficial? Does it mean the person who is lying is avoiding casting curses?

Yea me too. I love this forum

You’ll go crazy
Magic is bad because the bible said so
Magic is devil worship
I’ll call the police and say you were threatening me if you don’t stop reading that and worshiping the devil
You’ll go to hell
Only failures at life need to use magic

These are but a snippet of the bullshit I’ve heard from people in regard to practicing magik and studying the occult.


Yeah just like what was said, It can affect the mindset. If I tell about rituals to someone who is a “non-believer” well, first they’ll say it’s bullshit, not that I care. However, I know some folks who would keep asking questions about this like “has it worked yet ?” just to prove a point “see I told you this is bullshit” because a lot of people when they hear magick they think movie magick, working immediately.
So, detaching from a spell while hearing people who are constantly reminding you it hasn’t worked yet might not be the best thing which is why I think, the less people who knows, the better :joy:

Well for the most part I don’t tell people. My imediate family including my ex-husband who is still a close friend knows because we met through the craft. As for telling the neighbors, well it’s none of their business.

I honestly wish I could do a spell on autocorrect, I’m not one to misspell or make typos, so spell check, you suck.