What are the steps to construct a curse?

I am asking because I don’t remember the steps listed in S Connoly’s Curses, Hexes, and Crossings.

There’s no required steps for a curse, you decide what you want and either do it through spells or through direct energy work, or make a construct and do it. Tools like candles, liquids, etc are optional and if you choose to use those things get the colors that align with the right intention in that system.


When i started practicing i went straight to the baneful - i was an angsty teen :woman_shrugging:. its honestly up to you like Velenos mentioned. I personally like working spells and with tools for mine - theyre personal so i wont give a how to, but i will drop this how to for you:

Theyre legit methods :ok_hand: He did a great job.


Its like a cooking show for fucking cursing people :rofl: