What are THE most powerful spirits in your opinion (multi-system)?

By the most powerful I mean, the most knowledgeable and wise, fast results delivery, etc.

In no particular order I would say:

Mesopotamian Gods

Norse Gods


The Gatekeepers

The Blighted

What do you think? Specific names of spirits are more than appreciated.


@Baal The Blighted, the Divs, and the Outer Gods in no specific order as far as Pantheons go. Surtr/Sorath definitely does stand out as an individual Spirit. The Lwa possibly from what I hear though I don’t know enough about them.


Interesting. Which Blighted (Cernobog, probably?), which Div, which Outer god would you say is the most powerful compared to other members of their “faction?”

@Baal As far as the Blighted Lords go I really couldn’t say. For Divs Ahriman I suppose. Outer Gods I wouldn’t know though if forced to choose I would go with Azathoth according to hearsay.


I see. Thanks.

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Give me sometime i will add a copy of Black book of Azathoth to me dark collection eventually.:sunglasses:

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Your own Higher Self/Holy Guardian Angel/Personal Daemon can best assist you in navigating which current or system to use at the correct time.


The lwa seem to be fast and very direct in my experience. Especially sobo

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Personally, I’d consider the Abrahamic Deity to be one of the most powerful entities, I’ve seen the power from which Abrahamic angels can bring to bear, and they gain much of their power from God himself so…

I don’t let mere personal bias prevent me from seeing power that is there.

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Except it’s highly likely they existed long before the troll god scammed the Jews… :thinking:

By that, I mean as currents that stabilise the spacetime perception, and other realms.

Whole civilsations, practicing magick and seeking ascent, existed before the Abrahamic faiths farted out of a small desert region.


I’m not talking about the religion itself, so much as the being that which the religion follows. There is a hierarchy to the Abrahamic angels, and the Deity itself is at the top of that hierarchy.

Power defers to power, in all systems.

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The dark self exercise from azazel you posted about,
That dark self will help???

Me too.

I hate this truth,
But it is the truth, and truth leads to something better always.

But that “deity” is unknown to most people who ever lived, and yet angels will be there stabuilising theitr reality and, if called upon, serving them - just as angels serve and assist us on here who hate religion and don;t even believe in that faith, even the smallest bit.

So logic would surely suggest they serve the creation, and not a regional being, a mere tribal god.

There is no truth to their god, or it wouldn’t first have acknowledged other gods, and then slowly attempted to eliminate their knowledge and names.

It’s the godhead within you that they really obey and honour.


The source of his power is human belief in him,
Nothing else.

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Yes, if the currents of Azazel and demonic Kings are what you seek to work with.

No. I do not.
I thought that was a universal exercise to connect to your dark self.
Is there any??

My model of what constitutes the creative force is the one explained in the Kybalion (available online, it’s out of copyright).

That automatically rules out the notion of one tribe or belief system having somehow “more” access to the All than another.

You could say this is an argument of personal gnoses, but when people state things as facts, I feel responsibile to challenge them, lest it lead people astray to think there is consensus on the matter.

I’ll offer this to show exactly where I stand on the matter:

Yes, they are the most powerful current guardians of that, bear in mind all exercises that have a form, will be somewhat limiting insofar as to take a form is a limitation - to BE darkness, is to not BE light, and so on.


And that is from which the point of what it is that I speak. Hermeticism’s ultimate end goal is to become one with the power of creation, and within many hermetic sects, God and creation are one in the same. Kabbala basically says the same thing if you delve into it with any serious attempt to understand.

And as I would state, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and Abrahamic faith are so tightly woven, that to deny one from the others is fallacious in it’s attempts.

That why I believe we (india) did not become a nation of abrahamic faiths.
And that is also why I believe the god of abraham will fail.

Tell me about it, I feel imbalanced, like I am right now my, at my lowest. I must find myself.

I realize that.

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