What are the differences are mantras for the chakras?

If someone person claims that the name of god is superior to the sanskrit mantra , what is the proof ? or vice versa ? Do mantras only work with faith or do they have a slight effect on their own ?

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Considering that the whole chakra system and mantras were created by Indian sages inspired by the Hindu deities, I would say the Sanskrit mantras are the most effective, as they are the original.

Using Western godnames is a modern invention of the New Age movement, and the only possible reason to think they are superior to the original mantras is because of the arrogance inherent in the Judeo-Christian mindset that plagues the West.

It depends on the specific mantra, but the Hindu mantras produce their effects through vibration. There is no need for “faith,” which is why anyone can use them.

According to the mythology of mantra, the universe is made up of vibrational frequencies (something that has also been theorized by modern quantum physicists), and the mantras are considered to be the “seed syllables” of the universe. By vibrating these syllables with the voice, you can produce effects in both the environment and yourself.


I don’t get personally the need to super size India. Nice people, great contributions to society, but at the end of the day they are not fueling my magic nor paying my bills.

As far as godnames go, @DarkestKnight is right … its mostly new age stuff or part of an existing system like HOGD or AA or OTO. Past that system, there is no rule anywhere that says godnames must be used, unless part of a ritual where it tells you to vibrate godnames.

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The only vibration Im aware of is when concentrating on the chakra, the use of Ram, vam, ham, etc.

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Um … is this a contest between the Middle Pillar and chakra activation per the eastern world?
If so, two different systems, neither more powerful than the other.