What are the consequences of cursing/killing someone?

Karma doesn’t exist. But can the curse / spirit backfire on you? If you fuck things up. I mean what are the odds that the spirit will take you or someone that you love? Like a family member?

If I summon a demon for this, what will the demon need? In order to find the target? I mean is a picture okay? Or an online message? Could this be enough to make a link for the demon so he can find the target?

Also did anyone here ever killed with magick/demons?


That really depends on what system your using and what spirits your summoning, i seem to remember a story E.A.Koetting told once when he used two Lwa that hated each other in a working and many bad things happened.

A name is all they need, pictures and the like are more for the magician’s benefit, as it gives him something to focus all the hate on, and such items are best destroyed in the ritual or disposed of right after one, buried at a cemetery or crossroads or just tossed in the trash, all are symbolic.

Yes, many times.



Interesting! What are the emotional / spiritual consequences of dealing with killing someone?

I mean some people aren’t affected by it, some get regrets, maybe grief etc

And for me it’s tricky because I don’t really know the name of the target and it could be a wrong name or something or a wrong picture she used on the internet so i’m worried I will target the wrong person :joy: lol

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Oh, i imagine something along the lines of "I’ve used magick to murder someone! Now i’m damned forever to eternal Darkness! Oh Woe is me! :sob:

Meh, one less thing to worry about then. :man_shrugging:
And it follows if one is worried about such things like regret and grief over doing it then they probably shouldn’t do it in the first place.

Then you focus on what was said, the demon will know who to go after, and again if your worried about the wrong person getting hurt over it, then don’t do it.

Shit happens.



Do you have any reliable demons that get the job done ? :smiley: Lol

I’ve read about Dra’talon but he kills slowly, or sometimes he fails.

Well i’m a beginner magician and my psychic abilities are not fullly open, I can imagine one must have the ability to communicate clearly with such entities. It sounds really interesting. How did you learned all the stuff you know about killing people? What are your resources? Books? This forum?

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Im not sure if my experience is relevant to your question but if it is consider it a warning. I have sporadic control over my energy bursts especially as a kid. I was 10yrs and had never experienced the rage I had towards a particular boy. My body was hot with rage and revenge and I was yelling at my mum I want him dead now over and over. My mum was trying to calm me down. I was yelling over her then i suddenly felt the energy release and just vagued out and walked off like nothing happened. 2wks later mum showed me a newspaper clipping describing how this boy had been killed in a hit and run. The boys family are traditional Australian aboriginals and practice their version of magick (which is absolutely mind fucking!) Anyway my son died suddenly on his due date. A freak accident, the umbilical corded knotted. That boy was who came to mind. I cant prove it of course. Could a protection spell have prevented it? Maybe but I feel soon as i let my guard down something bad would have happened. I personally prefer mental torture as revenge, make the person think about you (positively) to insanity

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i should probably mention. 16yrs later was when i received the backlash. I felt it was put on me not so much as karma


Yeah it’s always a gamble wether they are magically inclined lol. So you had bad luck or something the family knew it cam from you?

To name a few.

Very slowly…

Not really.

All that is needed is for the magician to communicate clearly the desire for his victim to suffer or die and really mean it.

Baneful Magick and The Become a Living God eBook were especially helpful to me, the rest was a lot of trial and error like everything else is.


I think what I sent out was sent back like tit for tat.

Biggest consequence is you keep killing people lol