What are the best books for not disruptive magick for gambling?

Among all books dealing with wealth and money magick, whar are the best and most effective dealing with gambking?

Most books on wealth and money magick will tell you not to focus on gambling because the chances of winning big are infinitesimally small, and even with magick, your success rate will not be spectacular. They generally advise you to play only for fun, and provide simple spells to help nudge success your way, but you have to know when to walk away, because even with a magical boost, you will eventually lose.

Money and Wealth Magick books are usually aimed at making the reader more prosperous in the long term, something gambling is ill suited for.


There are no best books , try a few that work with you and continue learning and improving

So I suppose Damon Brand´s Magickal riches ritual for gambling is not very effective.

As I said, it will help increase your successes, but it will not make you rich.

The author even talks about that in the book.

But there some books about magick, with much better ratings and reviews than other.

I have had success with Henry Achers book

Look daemonic dreams. A book by houndstooh author he has a spell were he claim he win all thw time, a lot each time he gamble, if u not believe it. Is ok bxse his magick not is knw in America. Book is like 80,it work a shot but cnt remember if is 1 or 2 book.

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Sorry I didn’t knew that

No worries :slight_smile:

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I tnk I remember you.from.pms.how u been,I never heard from u.

Do you know what is the name of the book please?

Hi its on daemonic drems. Com from uk its like 80 honestly cnt remember but he win a few grand, i look monday and post. Which book bcse beside damon d brand and demons hounstooh magick is original fro old magick school.

I will wait for you to show me the book, I am not sure I can find it. All I need is actually that gambling ritual you mention in houndstooh’s book.

Its second book powers of gsin and win i tink. I tuesday send u screenshots.

Magick will not increase you chances of winning through gambling. The math is very real and impossible to get around. If you are correctly using magick and your mind, you will stay clear of gambling. Money magick is excellent for other things, like finding a great career or starting a business. I found out the hard way when it comes to magick and gambling.

You won’t even be able to predict outcomes, e.g., roulette spins, craps bet, better than random. You can even run free simulations while using magick to see for yourself.

It can only possibly help if it stirs you away from gambling. Randomness (unpredictablility) and math are very real. One cannot even put a dent in the casino’s house edge with magick or any method/system.

In america most of the s pells are hoodo voodo based yes beside the new recent damon brand. I speaking on America .we knw gbling apells, such loteria, casino have been around long time. In Europe france italia. Are more blood and rare spirts either angelic or demons, or folk such herbs chants and powders. Wat damon brand bring in america money books are rituals Waterdown. Can u win yws. Its why we are way behind here.

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can you please send them to me as well ?