What are the benefits of Qlipothic?

I know very little about Qlipothic or the tree of life. First question do you have to learn and the practice the tree of life before Qlipothic Meditations? Is that the recommended way? Second question is what quantifiable benefits does Qlipothic meditiations and Evocation provide? I am new here so I still think in the mundane and since I only have X hours per week what kind of tangible benefits could I expect or that others have received?

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Qliphothic magic is self-initiatory, meaning that every realm you explore by means of gnosis and lucid dreaming is essentially a test to gain lessons, insights and knowledge from the gods of the path. You don’t need to know everything about the Tree of Life to practice Qliphothic magic however it helps to understand the correspondences of the Qlipha as well as each Spheria (Tree of Life). So essentially by studying these dark realms and the lords of each plane, you achieve a state of godhood by the end of it and the challenges you face are to help you become a braver, stronger, more grounded person. It’s formulaic alchemical inner transformation, which is one reason the path can be dangerous. It offers a lot of personal benefits, though, especially if you study different versions of the Qliphoth.


You don’t need to have experience with the Light side of the Tree to work with the Qlipoth, especially; since Asenath talks about them in her Meditations and Invocations and Evocations. It was the same for me and I’m currently working with them along with Lilith. What I would probably do is if you plan to go full throttle into this. Get both books along with her circle and star and meditate on the sigils per Qlipha first before doing the Invocation. Since when upon doing the Invocation, you are taking in their energies into your inner concisness and will change you but empower you, and I’ve found that by meditating on their sigils first helps open your concisness to the energies and realms, and here’s what you can also do in Meditations. You can meditate on the sigils when you want to as to open yourself to them before you go into Invocations, but when you enter into that. You’ll need to remain with that Qlipha until you get to the point that nothing is no longer changing within you and around you. That’s usually the sign that you’re ready to move on.


Only 2 things I do not like, there is not much of a structured system to work with and do I have to go out into the boonies in a cave or abandoned house, I am more worried about the living in that case, has anyone done qlipoth rituals in their home?

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You cant do this in your home? You need a cave or abandon house? Curious why?


It said in a couple of books is that just a suggestion or a must?

@lustmagick As long as you’re working with Qliphothic energy, you can do what you want. You can even do Qliphothic rituals in your home if there’s no other alternative.


OK thanks that was a roadblock for me

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First question do you have to learn and the practice the tree of life before Qlipothic Meditations? Is that the recommended way?
I will say no to both. As for the rest of your questions, my workings with the Qliphoth have been entirely spiritual, so I can’t answer really.

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Why don’t you simply check out the books themselves – I’ve included information on both positive and negative effects that you can expect in your work with the Qliphoth, and they differ depending on the realm you access. I agree with the other posts here that the greatest benefit is that this work transforms you in many ways, helping you overcome your weaknesses and find and develop your personal powers. It’s hard to go into all details in a quick forum post, though.
No, you don’t “need” to learn about the Tree of Life, but it does help in a considerable way, so it’s good to get familiar with both sides of the tree to make this work successful, especially if you’re serious about this work.
And yes, you can work with the Qliphoth in your home temple. Some of these energies are easier to access under certain circumstances that force you to get out of your comfort zone and expand the scope of the experience, or in specific places, like e.g. a cemetery for death spirits or deities, but the greatest part of this work can be done at home.


I have question about Qlipoth meditation because im started it recently - after that I go to sleep and have dreams. What do you people do with dreams/visions you receive?


Write them down afterwards. Asap.

While in a dream, though, it depends on the dream itself. Some spirits may guide you, some may fake an attack in order to initiate you (Lilith and Naamah are prone to do this. Baal as well).


I’m needed to develop lucid dream for it? Or not necessarily?

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No. It is needed if you want an interesting experience, to actually be inside of the spheres. But, no. Presencing the energies of each Qliphothic sphere is sufficient.

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Ok, and after a dream/vision beside writing them, do you do something else?

I recently completed my first sphere initiation

You can do a lot of things with your dreams. That’s a huge and fascinating area of magic. For the start write them down, as the others suggested, and keep a journal for a while. Then go back to it, try to see patterns - things, objects, situations, and other dream signs. Meditate on them to see what they represent to you in your life. Oftentimes dreams are an extension to magical work, so try to look for messages in them and see how they are related to the work you do. Don’t count on direct messages - dreams are usually full of symbols and allegories that have to be interpreted if you want to use them in any concrete way.


Through my exploration using Qliphotic Meditation book I observe my being becoming something else, this is an alchemical process. When each Qlipha is accessed or activated there is a sort of permanent transmission from the qliphotic realm to the personal sphere. For me it means that consciousness is aligned with the current qlipha workings ( also previous ones as the gates are never closed) and at same time the chakras and channels are empowered and their respective energies are shifted so the world around is shacked at root level, destruction and creation at same time. Here it is very important to work also with the Draconian Ritual Book and focus on Kundalini exercise, breathing and meditation in order to help the qliphotic cleansing, absorption and shifting step. I practice also Grimoire of Tiamat, Liber Thagirion, Rites of Lucifer and Lucifer Awakening because each of these books help to activate the primal draconian consciousness and align the soul with the Dragon as the permanent evolutionary being also receive some strong help on the road from the various spirits.
I use also other books from Edgar Kerval for example Ast Ma Ion Eos Tar Nixet who help to access the qliphotic consciousness, it is like a shamanic travel into the nightside tree, very deep work and underrated one. like many books from him. In my opinion the draconian qliphotic system from Asenath Mason is very effective.


I’ve just purchased “Qliphothic Astrology” by Mr Bill Duvendack and had a personal chart reading- AMAZING! The amazing artwork by A.Mason and invaluable information is for serious practitioners! I will definitely purchase all books from these two amazing masters. Thx you for an approachable foundation for those of us who are hesitant to fallow and practice Qliphothic pathworkings☆ CAN NOT WAIT to purchase A.Masons tarot deck coming out later this month! In fact, I’m going to buy 2! One for my collection and one to practice with​:black_heart::fire: