What are technicians?

I haven’t worked this book yet in ritual formula but I know these beings are around the dead at all the times. Whenever I use a spirit box for communication and I begin to get somewhere with an entity regarding secret information about the afterlife one of these “technicians” step in and stop it from happening.
I have never come across these beings in ritual because the game seems to change when I become the conduit for spirit communication.The thing I don’t understand is who are these beings and what are they protecting? I’ve herd them call themselves technicians more then once and other times I’ve understood them to be angels of some form or fashion. I am trying to categorize spirits by using this device and noting the similarities of them by the pitch their voice makes.
Angels, Daemons, and Deities have high pitched musical voices that come in really clear and try to help other spirits that seem lost.
The Christian thoughtform version of demons sound very guttural and never have anything useful to share. They are very malevolent and will scare off any of the spirits that your talking to on this device.
Over the years of having this device and using it I can’t help but feel bad for all of those who die having a christian background because they become lost. How would you feel when your told your whole life that Jesus will meet you on the other side only to find out that you’ll come face to face with Bael or Hecate. When you die with the christian mindset and one of these beings tell you to go to the light your obviously going to refuse because this wasn’t what you where taught thus becoming lost begging for help.
It seems the light is reserved for those that are lost in limbo and they are doomed to repeat life again and those who become Gods are allowed to stay in their own universe. It’s just an observation.

Interesting comments- in terms of the first part (those calling themselves, and other-entities calling them? “technicians” I hadn’t heard of, although it might relate to a few things), and the use of spirit-box <which I’ve heard of, but I’ve not used such a device myself>…

 the second part:types of Entities, I have a thought below, which I'd be curious if you think apply/adds anything to your classifications (or what else you might conclude from your own ponderings in that)...

The third part “How would you feel when your told ___ …?” -beyond the specifics you mention, that question of whatever the belief-buster experience is a rhetorical-frame I think on
(related to the concept of “paradigm-shifts” in the past, therefore likely again in the future, and likely more freq and shorter times until a / breakthrough/ change… so- I use all that to give a glimpse of a perspective on the current-established as well as presently cutting-edge as someday to be replaced…
subcon so easy to see today-now as different, vs those in the past that didn’t know
-not just intell but at a feeling lvl) … as you write, it would be more than a mind-tease/destabilizer, but if that belief helped shape one’s actually experience.

in regards to above “second pt” types of Entities: I’ve been looking at four “rough-categories” (not actual types, just concepts vs each Entity clearly being one or the other):

  1. personalities (currently “incarnate” or disincarnate, which later may have been previously embodied or never were)- in the sense that they have a personae-character in the way that someone one knows has such a personality- preferences, reactions, etc. (and a sense of history, changes how they react over time per previous experiences and expetations of future, etc.) -ie as opposed to…

  2. “thoughtforms” but better like a part of the “socio-cultural matrix” - what seems like a personality in the “collective uncon” (not an individual just dreaming up XYZ person, but in the shared-mind, so to speak), but they don’t really change, and are more generalized (ie to simplify, as some have, these seem more Program-like… and I’d contrasts a shared thought (ie from an Indiv) vs a “thought” that arises from the Social-Mind from which our individual Mind-Personalities arise
    (ie how would a “human” grow and devel if they were completely along, not only no “software”=culture/traditions, nor even language, nor even the insight that there is language… Like someone that can’t read and isn’t just “illiterate” but doesn’t have the concept-integrated that others can interp-symbols, but at a mind level (doesn’t have the structure that a being could represent a symbol to one’s self)

So easy to assume- such a person might not know our language but would be sort of similar (vs a Computer- the modern hardware, RAM, HD, CPU, etc.. .but no software loaded, but it wouldn't be blank, for Growing does develop some, via our design as Humans.. but how far

<I regret if this seems too long and not concise, as I hadn’t tried to express this/think it out, so trying to formalize to myself>

  1. As opposed to the above, those that are a part of, and yet affect/guide, the underlying structure (like there is a weave which relates and ties/guides relationships, and rather than being what “floats on the surface of the water, guided by the waves, winds and currents” what swims in/among or outside the threads and affects it (which then affects not what we see, but what can be SEEn, although largely through it affects, (watching the images on a computer screen, vs being inside the structures/program-windows of the GUI, vs being in the electrical-flux in the RAM itself- all of a system, but )

  2. Beings that are more like “forces of Nature” (in the metaphor, like saying such a person is a dynamo, they’re like a ___, as well as literal… interacting with an Entity, whether recently dead-spirit, a living-being, and ancient old, or even one from Outside of Time, is quite different than an Entity that is more like a Consciousness of a Storm-itself, or the Presence of a Mtn, or even “something” that has existed in/near a pt in deep-dark space (away from gravity-masses)

anyway- anyone that read through all that :slight_smile: I’ve had a sense of some of what I think are each, just a first-pass (actually many drafts, but “working-title” concept), as I found confusion a while back and this helps interp that each of those would Communicate/see the world differently. thus to translate how approach
(perhaps others needed? -I think many magicians, so called, or only reacting/interacting with the 2nd, and sometimes 1st as well)

Steve, I have used a spirit box outside of ritual. I have not heard the title of technician, but have experienced interference. Next time I will try to communicate directly with the “interference” and see if I can get them (it) to tell me who they are. Have you tried EVPs also? I have a few times. Picked up some interesting sounds and giggling. I would say you are not experiencing them during your rituals because you are changing your own vibration. I wonder if these “technicians” are elemental or planetary? Thanks for bringing this up.

Yeah I always record my sessions with a digital voice recorder and I listen through them on audacity. The funny thing about this is when you use a digital recorder you pick up genuine evps that dwell within the white noise outside of the chatter the spirit box is making. The more I listen to the normal chatter it seems like spirits are talking with one another. I do believe the technicians are angels for the most part, because they are always helping those who are asking for help to go to the light.

I have also come across beings who call themselves reptilians by using this device. I remember one called me a fucking ape!! Lol, but there is a lot of interesting things I’ve witnessed with this device. I tried to evoke Hecate in it once, and I actually herd her voice which was musical in nature. The interesting thing is prior to this I did a lot of work with Lilith and she came through showing jealousy towards Hecate. Which made my attempts at getting anything useful pointless. Lilith obviously pissed off at me and was cursing me out for doing this. Lol, women. She did say something that made me laugh though and that was that she likes to fuck beautiful creatures. I guess the lore is right about her, because the other voices that were coming through at the time kept saying succubus, and was asking her to leave.

People can’t say this device isn’t reliable if they have really used it because there are way to many intelligent and relevant responses one would get using it. I plan on further experimenting with this device in ritual construct to see what results I will get.

Next time you contact a “technician”, see if it’s an angel. If it is, employ angelic vampyrism.

Otherwise, just vamp it to death. Roadblock disappears.

Or send some Death Essence coursing through it! That always feels strange, killing a spirit.

Religions that believe in reincarnation see going into the light as the entranceway back into reincarnating. Those of us seeking an ascension process are attempting to break the cycle of returning to the light and move beyond this ‘Earthly game’.

I intend to do more than just break the cycle, I will shake Yggdrasil to it’s core.

My path has only just begun, and at it’s end death awaits. I won’t be absorbed into that sticky white stuff, I’ll go right by that and nest in my own little cave somewhere.

Because I will not bring myself to the level of those mud-souls.