What are some ways to charm an object?

What are some ways the magician can charm an object for specific uses?

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what happens after charming an object??

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You can charm an object like A necklace,ring or crystal to bring the wearer luck, strength, And spiritual protection etc.

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Indeed I have, Im trying to find ways using black magic though. Thanks for reading!

There’s plenty of ways to charm or do enchantments on objects. I had a crystal necklace once’ and harness it with the dark goddess so I can have a fraction of her magic.
You can enchant it with the moon or the sun, if your trying something dark I would enchant it by maybe blood in a specific spell. For example you can enchant a ring to bring you a lover by blood or etc.
I’m trying to make a spell to enchant this amulet I have to absorb power.

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Through the Gatekeepers, moving the energy of the elements into the object after exorcising

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I’ll give you an Hindu one - Take the object. Now visualise your deity, while mentally meditating on what you want the charm to do - luck, protection etc. Now visualise the deity entering the object. That’s about it. It’s done.

A key here- charmed objects should not touch water else the object loses its power

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Magic is magic. Don’t get hung up on the “color” of the technique. The methods work the same.

Your real choices are either doing a working on it to imbue it with the qualities you’re looking for or having an entity do the same. Or both. All of the methods boil down into those two approaches, that I’m aware of. I would include attaching a servitor or similar to an item in that.


Hold the object in your hand and meditate on a mental pattern that encompasses what you want the object to possess. Then flow it with nervous energy into the object through your hands and into the aura until you see it expand and open up to your own so that they mesh together. Now whenever you wear the object its aura will mesh with your own and introduce the desired pattern. Though fair warning wearing the object too much might stain your aura with the pattern and cause it to persist even after removing the physical object if you don’t regularly re-pattern yourself.


Excellent!! thank you so much everyone, for the replies!

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