What are some powerful symbols meaning "oneness"?

I’ve got two utility pieces of art and one technically utility Lucifer sigil in my room. I am now focusing on a lot of things regarding “oneness”. Are there any powerful symbols you know attached to such an idea? IF so, post them here.


It may be helpful to know what you mean by Oneness. Could you give some examples, if it can’t be easily described?


Like kether on the kabbalah or the hindu concept of the void, nothingness and oneness. Stuff like that.


God I am so tired. any ideas?

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Not really. I don’t think about that sort of thing. You could look ginungagap artwork. It’s basically the void area in the Norse mythologies.


I believe one already exists. The Infinity Symbol is a pretty good representation of “forever”. (Something that is forever has no beginning or ending and the only thing that fits that description is nothingness)

Or if you want something a bit more personal you could design one with a kamea. You could spell out oneness or nothingness. Or emptiness or Forever. Get creative.

I like the visual description that sinister-neophyte gave about time being a circle surrounded by nothing. So you could also make a very simple image of white circle on top of a black background.


Thanks everyone. I am set on this topic.

There it is