What are some powerful symbols I can use for this box?

Looking for poweful symbols I can use for this box. Basically, whatever goes into the box, I am. It’s like a manifestation.

Put the sigils of spirits you like to work with on the outside .

No thank you. I only want to be involved in this.

You asked , I gave an answer

Okay, thank you. Sigils symbolize SPIRITS, but that is technically an answer

You could try runes too or zodiac symbols


Runes sound good, but zodiac symbols aren’t the kind of thing I want to increase. Although planetary symbols might be good. Mehhh. At that point I could just find symbols of the traits I wanted.

Tetragrammaton :smile: :smile:

I am deciding that my omnipotence/manifestation symbol best be made by me. It is basically symbolizing that my power comes from myself.

Put things that represent you, then. Like a picture of you, you could write your name and D.O.B, things that currently resonate with you, sigils that you made that signify you, etc.

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Use simple pictorals of the archtypes and images you of the associated energy you want to go with the box. So if it’s a protection you could draw a shield. If it’s for binding put down a cube, six sided star, 999, and with the associated color black. If it’s growth you could draw a sun, the astrological symbol of the sun, animals related to the sun like a Lion. Other growth symbolism with an energy of grounding and manifestation would be trees, roots, buried treasure.

It’s really simple, just play image cherades in your head of the associated themes and throw them on, bro.

So for omnipotence that symbol would be a spiral easily, as the spiral is infinite and reflects how it comes from within and expands infinity outwards. Then numerology with 8, and 48 come to mind, or even 78 as that can relate to infinite divinity. So you can make your own sigil incorporating the themes of spirals with numbers on the side.

Hey so I made a terrible symbol that I think belongs to something very bad. Can you read it for me?

Major bad energy. Three diamonds intersecting with a dot in the middle.

I saw this image flash in my eyes and I made it but immediately made me feel bad bad crap

Did somebody order an unreasonably complex monstrosity that took me hours to make?

Okay, so now I need a symbol that represents being attractive in some sense. If I can get this, I will be one step closer to showcasing the sweet box I made. I have been looking for a while, can’t find one. Preferably not complex.

So it can fit in a small circle

It’s late and I wanna finish this before I go to bed, any help is appreciated.

Nevermind, we set. I just need one more thing. Growth.

I need a symbol that represents the magicians growth