What are some of the best protection rituals?

I have a few (but serious) enemies, I don’t want to waste my time in a war, I want to be well-protected and move on with my life. Found a simple bath ritual good and few other rituals like banishing, but still I feel it is not completely sufficient protection, I’m dealing with someone vicious who works with an eastern culture of occult powers (probably Jinn amongst)

So I’m looking for more comprehensive ways of protection. Any idea or experience anyone?

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Protective amulets that are charged frequently will also be useful. A basic pentacle does the trick in my experience but the rune Algiz also works. There’s many options that are viable and will protect against attacks from humans and spirits alike

I recommend a good strong shield and wards and those will cut off most attacks once powered up.
Here I give a good way to create some very powerful shields and wards that gain more strength over time as you continue to work in them. If you know the specific beings being used you can summon them yourself and work out the specifics of their contract to effectively buy them out. Doesn’t work in every case but when it does it can really screw their plans over.