What are some guidelines that assure you are ready for the left-hand path?

What are some of your personal guidelines that you set for yourself that gives you certainty in which you are about to summon your first Goetic spirit?

summoning a goetic demon isn’t exactly strictly LHP, it’s more of just finding out when you’re ready for evocation.


I remember just jumping to it. Unless you threaten them they will help you. They have been helping beginners for atleast few hundred years so if you treat them with respect you will be fine and learn things. Remember As Above So Below.


From personal experience, I didn’t set myself any guidelines. I just dove on in headlong.

No one else can tell you when you’re ready. You don’t need to be initiated or go through months of purification or development. Just do it. It’s like riding a bike. Just jump right on in and practice, no matter how wobbly it seems at the beginning.

By all means research beforehand but there’s no need to spend great lengths of time preparing, beyond memorising the ritual or having your summarised notes next to you.

In the immortal words of Yoda, “do, or do not. There is no try.”


Exactly. I was stammering through my invocation and bornless rite even after 2years but yeah it works if you want it to. Learn and let go. Letting go is the hardest part. But one thing Lucifuge told me

"Forget your fear and move forward"

I followed an established system of evocation. I didn’t just go about calling up demons and whatnot wiilly nilly. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve never been troubled by impostors or parasites.

In my opinion, too many beginners want to skip the preliminaries and get to the good stuff without even understanding how evocation actually works, or how to properly protect themselves, and that’s when we get the people who come to this forum thinking some big name spirit is their “bae” when in actuality it’s a parasite feeding off of their free energy because they opened themselves up to it not having a clue what they were doing.

My suggestion is to pick a system of evocation, learn its principles, and follow them. Start with simply opening a spirit’s seal and asking for a result. In EA’s Works of Darkness, that’s what he has the student start with. It lets you get a feel for both the technique and the energy of the spirit, More importantly, it makes the demon aware of you, so when you progress to full evocation, the connection is already there.


May I ask which one did you follow ? I didn’t perform any evocation yet and I plan to do one soon.

EA’s Evoking Eternity is a really good source for knowledge in the subject.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I made sure i knew what the fuck i was doing. Studied as much as i could beforehand, got over any fears and misconceptions, etc.

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For my first Goetic spirit, I followed Works of Darkness, but Evoking Eternity is awesome too.


I swear that book is a godsend. During the week long blackout after a super cyclone I studied Necromantic Sorcery,Works of Darkness, Evoking Eternity, Baneful Magick and did several works. Works of Darkness is a really good book to base your conjurations on. I remember using the style into my ritual yesterday and my results came in a minute


Thank you both of you @DarkestKnight and @MorpheusDarkson :smile:


Lovely, as usual.
We should co-author a grimoire.


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