What are some good techniques on trapping spirits in objects?

Hey guys, I am trying to learn how to trap a spirit within an object, so I can trap a malicious spirit and then sent the object to an enemy. I haven’t been able to find any good techniques online anywhere, so some help would be fabulous.

I await your responses.

In the Mastering evocation course of EA, he shows a technique how to bind a spirit to a object. I dont know if that technique can be utilized with hostile spirits though.

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Are you familiar with the book Kingdoms of Flame by EA Koetting? There is a spirit in there that can teach you how to trap spirits.

Mehmi’on, from the Book of Azazel, can also teach you the secrets of binding spirits.



Stones, crystals, coins, small boxes, bottles, jars, whatever your intended object is, just get one. Candles arent necessary, but if you got one light one and then start.

First is cleansing an item. Basically wiping the items slate clean so theres no chance of pre or post enchantment fuckery. Next is setting the ‘matrix’, I equate it to setting up a spiritual outline of the object. One of the easier ways to make a solid matrix for your prison is to have a strong genuine emotion make up the bulk of your psychic material. This will give it some weight to keep things in. Try to be clear focussed and certain when making the outline, the corners are where things will strike first when trying to break out.

Then, you imprint your will. The previous step did the heavy lifting in that department as it played the first imprint of ‘prison’ with the added oomph of emotion to deepen it, but foundations need things on top of them so then you funnel energy into the prison, but focus hard on what it is you desire to make, a prison, and be resolute in this because this step builds the walls.

One can layer these walls multiple times in multiple ways to make it as hardcore as you need.
You can do visualization, meditation, ritual, whatever it is you need to do to make it and KNOW you’re doing it. There isnt much room for hesitancy when imprinting will on something.


So not only does the spirit have to be nearby, you have to be able to hone in on it, and then force it into the prison. This is the hard step.

One way, is brute force energy manipulation. If you know where something is, basically just engulf it in energy and drag it to where you want it. Another way, is to make a sigil or two. One sigil in order to draw the spirit in, and one to force it into the prison. If you’ve got experience crafting sigils, you can get both of those in one go. If you’ve got spiritual allies, they can definitely aid in shoving things into your jail.

You can then also seal the entity in with an extra layer, by sealing your object with wax, blood, psalms, those tao stickers with writing, etc. I’m sure you get the idea.

Now, the more energy you put in it, the longer itll last. It wont be indefinite, and the spirit inside will chip away at it. Even if you set up batteries for sun and moonlight, you’ve gotta tend your prison. If you dont, you might find out too late that something got out and now you’ve got a (usually) very* angry spirit on your hands. The higher entities have more tricks to not get manhandled into a trap, so I recommend not using this specific method if you’re trying to mess with one of those.


What exactly do I make the statement of intent? I am horrible at being specific, so what should I make it?

“ so I can trap a malicious spirit and then sent the object to an enemy.” You answered it yourself on your OP

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You can find jars online to trap evil spirits, they sell them on eBay.

Any voodoo magician out of Louisiana is more then likely aware of this

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You can empower them to haunt an object and there is more motivation behind it. Why forcing one when they would do it anyway. Being evil is a grund asset

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Empower them to haunt an object? How would I go about that? Also, I could just ask a malicious spirit or parasite to haunt an object and in return they can haunt who I send the box to?