What are some demons of human relationships?

I don’t mean romantic, necessarily, but I’ll put it under here anyway. I started working with Duke Dantalion, and unfortunately, we had to cease our work together before I had achieved my goals. Does anyone know of any demons (deities are acceptable as well) who also deals in human relations, telepathy, mind control, love, and the like? (Although I am looking for something more on the subtle side of things. Would prefer a being who influences people instead of controlling them.)

I’d say Belial is a good one. He can help with not just the influences but Iv read he can help with attraction but more do lust.
Asmodeus is the go to person for relationships in general. He is gold when it comes to this as well as influencing and manipulation. I know you don’t want the latter but it’s there.
Dantalion is grate for relationships in general. He’s good at cooling relationships and help bring them together.
Others is Duke Sallos, Sitri, Grimori, King Paimon with the influencing, Lilith can help too. There is a lot of beings in the Goetia that can help with these things.
So at this point it’s the question who you feel a pull to.

Look in the goetia and take your pic

Alright, thanks!

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