What are some alternatives when cut and clear doesn't work?

Did a cut and clear and the wax reading showed a demonic/dark figure with long arms and claws gripping tightly with rivulets of waxy film clinging to the glass.

It’s been almost a month and if anything I feel the same if not more obsessed with the target. Not an hour goes by where I’m not thinking of them (unintentionally) and even dream of them. This guy is toxic and I know I can do better but somehow I don’t even care anymore? When I’m in love or infatuated, all flaws are forgiven? Like you could be a serial killer and I would somehow find a way to overlook that?

For context, I’ve previously had love spells done on this person, working mostly with Lilith and Astaroth. However I’ve realized it’s a false hope/dead end kind of situation and I’d rather just move on and find someone better.

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Serial killers become sex objects and real life murderers of pregnant women get letters in jail.

Probably the best way to get over him if you’re a person with ovaries is to imagine him doing the washing up, and offering to get you anything you’d like from the shops, and would you like first to please critique his dress style and manners for his own betterment?

Keep imagining him being more and more of a fart-sniffing simp, until you get disgusted with him.

Yikes, classic backfire, I feel for you, I dodged a bullet with a former love and now realise why it fell apart.


What do you mean? I can’t get over him because I’ve done love spells or because of who I’ve worked with?

Because of doing the spells, not because of who or what you worked with.


But the love spells were before the cut n clear, haven’t done any since.

Seems like they boud you both, just not as you wanted.


After experiencing several “fart-sniffing simps” in real life I am shocked about the deep value of this advice :scream: Disgust is such a strong reaction that (so far) it would always beat the alluring impression that some men gave me :point_up:t2: It really helps with not wandering back to them in your own thoughts


A lot of magick enhances the emotions you put in, which tends to be the most striking with love magick. So either your love has built up to such a point where the spell will need quite some time to work to remove all of that, or in the spell you still have a lot of love for this person deep down, which might be enhanced for a while. You need to seek the reality of the situation in whatever way you can (Divination, magick etc.).

Thanks, will do. Logically and mentally I’m over it just waiting for the emotions to catch up.