What are Satans attributes

Hello, I would like to know what is his influence like, what powers and attributes he possess? If there is exiting topic on this I am sorry if I havent seen it.


I had worken very deeply with satan for years,he is my patron,one of my guides and closest spirits and allies in my ascent and in my empire formation,here some of the attibutes.

  • Attainance of Dark Powers,Furtherly working with the powers of darkness he can teach you how to evolve yourself and control these powers.

  • Evolution,Magnifying evolution so much that supresses all your imaginations and thoughts of it,finishing the last piece of the supreme being.

the list goes on,i will tell you later as now i have some things to do.


You have to, it is a must to start off at the zero point. Tell everything and everyone to fuck off. Your family, your gods, the universe, and of course society.

To know from this point onwards there is ONLY yourself. You will are at war one shape or other with everything.

Through the test of eternal warfare do we become the truest Self.

We in turn become the cosmic Satan. The great adversary of the Void, and the final death of this universe and beyond this creation.

Or not.


This all suits to me, so it might be the reason why he came again. :thinking:Before, when I wanted to work with him, I did exact opposite and he didnt came when I wanted to.

I have feeling that Satan wants me to sign pact with him and summon him :thinking:… Something big is going, I have very strange feeling. That darkness surrounding me… I don’t want to sound too much dramatic, but I have never felt like this ever before.

I will appreciate it much :black_heart:.

In my experience, Satan is…
The element of fire,
Satan represents man’s carnal and animal nature, hedonistic pleasures, power, strength, sexual desire, passion, rebellion against authority and rocking the boat, breaking the status quo, the hunger that drives one to succeed, courage, war and conquest, competitive drive, rising to challenges, protection, punishment and vengeance for your enemies that deserve it and self determination. His metal is gold, and steel, his planet is Mars, his candle colors are black and red, his herbs/incence are cinnamon and musk, his stones are tiger eye, carnelian, red Jasper, coal, Flint, to name a few. Offering to Satan are meat beef and pork in particular, your own blood, red wine, his cardinal direction is south.


Thanks :love_you_gesture:t2:!!!

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I have a problem with Satan.
EA published a Satan sigil in Evoking Eternity.
I never used this seal. Kenneth Grant calls
Set oftenly ‘Satan-Set’, or ‘Shaitan-Set’ and
was confident to have the only Satan found.

According to Grant’s view the black Set-animal
has to be the appearance Martin Luther saw
on the Wartburg he threw his inkpot against.

I guess, the sigil Koetting gave as of Satan
is from other sources the sigil of Lucifer.
I mean I saw this with different sources.

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I don’t rellay on Koetting.

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I have one, I will send it to you later.