What are Orbs

What are they and what is its meaning to the practitioner?


What magickal practice are you talking about?

‘Cause right now all I’m thinking about are specks of light that are connected to ghosts.


I am a bit confused as well. Do you mean crystal balls or something similar? I, as well, only have ghost lights come to mind when you say orbs.


Re: ‘Ghost Lights’

I once called these in. I was with people doing a night tour of an old, haunted quarantine station. We were waiting outside for the tour to begin. One of my friends had a camera to take orb-photographs. I went across the road, adopted the runic position of Elhaz and started a whispering call.

After the tour, when the photographs where developed, my photo was the only one with an orb in it.



Oh, so they are called ghost lights? So why do they come around and what message (if any are they bringing?) . And why would they come in the form of a circle?

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What if the ‘ghost light’ is not ‘see through’ just a circular bright white light and is almost like it is ‘alive’ as if a fairy or someshing is possesing it… Is that a ghost light too?..

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