What are nymphs?

I couldn’t find much info on them in here, are tney dangerous, what are they exactly? Isn’t recommended to make contact with them or work with them.

Are you talking about nymphs?

Because, as far as I know, there are no such beings called “nymphos.” That is just slang for those who suffer from the mental disorder of nymphomania.

Nymphs, on the other hand, are nature spirits in Greek mythology, and are usually depicted as beautiful young maidens.


Yeah i meant nymphs, sorry about the confusion.

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nympho’s are like Incubus. They are spirits that only want to give you sexual pleasure. I have one as a spirit companion. Never heard anything bad about them.

Do you mind if I fix the spelling in your title to prevent this from devolving into sex fantasy?

Fixed :slight_smile:


Yes please, i don’t want thi topic flagged.

And nobody wants to summon that :slightly_smiling_face:


sooo is it nymphs or nympho? cause they are 2 different things.

It wouldn’t be flagged. Sex talk is allowed. You just wouldn’t get the answers you are looking for if people thought you were looking for nymphos instead of nymphs, so clarity is good.


Nymphos aren’t a type of being. You are thinking of a succubus.

nope I’m not.
I have 2 incubus and one nympho they are totally different. I dare you to tell him he is not real.

They don’t jealous of each other to see who gets you?

No. There’s no jealousy.

What else apart from sexual pleasure can a Nymph help with?

Sure. Please direct me to any mythology or literature that speaks of such beings.

There are millions of beings that exist in the multiverse so if nymphos are really a type of being that exists to bring sexual pleasure, then surely there has been mention of them somewhere before.


I don’t look for sexual pleasure, from succubus’s, they can help with things without sexual pleasure, just curious.

Succubi can help you with anything, there not just not about sex, they can also be your teacher, friend, etc.

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Nymphos as a race were a thing created by spirit keepers and pushed off as real entities. I don’t think they’re real, more like spirit keeping sites pawned them off as real and they basically all just collectively created them in a way.


Right, that’s what I was saying, sorry for the confusion, maybe Nymph’s are the same?

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Nymphs are hedonistic nature spirits in Greek mythology, and the favourite sexual targets of Pan and other gods. They are considered to be Water elementals, mainly and some possess such magical abilities associated with that element like glamour, scrying, prophesy, and emotional transmutation.

Googling “nympho” brings up nothing but references to the disorder of nymphomania so i don’t believe they are a legitimate mythological being, and I concur that they were most likely created as @anon48079295 said.