What are key things that enable a black magic pracitioner to cast powerful spells?

You may throw out any points… whether it’s meditation… practicing spellwork often… reading books… etc


Energy work, directing magickal energy, words of power etc. things like blood or saliva.

Things that add power to their manifestations, magick is a power based science not a knowledge based science. You can have the all the knowledge but there could be someone with much more powerful energy that’s more powerful than you. The more powerful your energy is the stronger the magician you are


Thanks, those sound great! May I ask, would you recommend any methods/techniques for energy work?

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Holotropic breathwork, Qigong, middle pillar that’s not JCI, torus field circulation, Taoist inner alchemy, I posted a meditation a few minutes ago on here, check it out


Thanks a lot!

Three key things here:

Those three above give an energy boost to any spell. However, you need to study and practice magical techniques to be able to control and direct these emotions towards a specific goal you want.


Whoa. Despair??

What can you power with despair? Who teaches that?

Usually I try to transmute that internally… but if it’s possible to fuel something else with it… that almost sounds like it could be more efficient to simply route it.

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Despair for your own life and life of loved ones. Fight or flight situation. Can make magick powerful for real.


This is REALLY good to know.

Where can I study how to best use despair? Usually I don’t have a lot of it, but everyone does time to time. I happen to have a lot these past few months. I’d love to utilize it!

I’ve read about using anger in baneful works. Some users here teach it, as does Gordon Winterfield in his books. Sometimes if I don’t have a purpose for it, I’ll transmute it inside or just exchange it with the earth for something else.

I’ve started searching for despair magick since you mentioned it, and can’t find any explicit how to information yet. Pointers welcome. Put despair energy to good use!

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I sent a P.M.

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