What are indicators that someone is using voodou or hoodoo with I'll intent?

I can’t shake the feeling that a few neighbors may be using voodou or hoodoo on me with I’ll intent.
What are obvious signs in a multi tenant apartment building environment?
What are obvious signs in general?

I don’t think the signs of a Voodoo based magical or psychic attack would really be all that different from any other kind of baneful working.


Don’t really know anything about voodoo/hoodoo personally but I would be looking for things like items or substances left under your door mat (if you have one before your door), markings on your door, or around your car/car space if you have one. Powders, herbs, blood, mysterious liquid that looks deliberately placed (not like, a a random oil leak from a car or an old stain in the hallway carpet).


… This article might help


Besides the emotional/mental effects you’re feeling, look out for any mysterious dirts/powders that you could step in as well as oils placed on your doorknobs or by your walls. Hot-footing is very common to get rid of unwanted neighbors. Also look for items placed or buried on your property if in a house.

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