What are Fallen angels?

I’m sure there’s more to the whole fell from heaven idea.


It all depends on whether you believe such a thing or not. If you believe a “fall” happened, the spirits will confirm it for you. If, like myself, you don’t subscribe to that particular religious dogma, then the spirits won’t. In my opinion, the beings we deal with tend to confirm our own particular biases.


Why would they confirm our biases?

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Because, ultimately, everything is processed through our own perceptions, which are coloured by our beliefs, which include our biases.


Have you ever heard of the term Constructive Uncertainty? That’s what’s “confirmation of our biases” is about. It’s a confirmation of faith, or of your beliefs, by the spirits. Their own explanation of what a “fallen angel” is, could mean something else.


Do all spirits do this?
I mean norse deities? Like thor too?

Or just these “fallen angels”?!?!?

Because if what you said here,

Is true then shouldn’t all spirits be like this?

If it’s just the angels then aren’t they hiding something?!?

I was speaking specifically about the OP’s question regarding a supposed “Fall,” but, yes, in my opinion, Godforms such as those you mentioned are also processed through our own biases. Racists and non racists alike work with the Norse pantheon but I doubt they are told the same things about the world and the humans’ place in it. They will conform to whatever your belief about them is, although, since they have been part of the collective unconscious of our species for thousands of years, there are bound to be similar experiences that cross the belief barrier.

Please bear in mind, that this is my opinion, informed by the basics of psychology and that I have no experience working with Godforms, only demons and angels. The occult world is very subjective, and will show you whatever you want it to. That is why only religious people (specifically Christians) get attacked by “demons” regularly, and why atheists don’t, and why beginning magicians are cautioned to be very skeptical about visions and prophecies because they can lead to inflated ego and a bad case of “magusitis.”, since they often have to do with a “special destiny” and cater to whatever your personal ideas about yourself are. It took Crowley over two years before he finally accepted the legitimacy of The Book of The Law.

Ultimately, it comes down to which story you find the most empowering and useful to your magick. There are as many ideas regarding spirits and gods as there are people on this planet. Choose whichever you prefer.


I want to continue this with personal experiences. In 2016 I received my name Lukianov (or Lukianof) and in 2017 I was told to be him. An ex-Angel. I had visions of myself writing a book. My best friend was Mitrabrahim. An angel who I know from this human life, too. We both had silver eyes. He got them through me. I did something to make him develope silver eyes. My hair was pure black.
The book I wrote should contain every life I would experience as a human being. In it is a chapter “Deaths of victory” (Siegestode). I had a vision of my fall, too. Mitrabrahim became human, too.

I am looking for somebody with a good connection to the realm of the Angels.
I want to know if I received my name because - after this life - I may be an Angel again.

And about the Purgatory I had vision.
It seems that I can get my silver eyes back through the sea of fire.

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