What are evocations like for you?

I’m curious about other peoples methods, as mine could be missing some sort of element. I don’t really see or hear any of the spirits I evoke with any physical senses. I simply sense the powerful energies blanket the room.
I was speaking with Ant’harratu about this, I asked him “Am I doing this evocation stuff right?” I was referring to the way I had everything set up. Now when the demon speaks I don’t hear a damn thing. I just know what he/she is saying on an energetic/intuitive level. Ant’harratu asked me what more I could want out of an evocation, and I said I’d actually like to start developing my senses to a point that I can see the spirits, and physically hear them as well. He said I would need a better manifestation basis.
Well here is my issue, I can’t exactly just burn loads of incense in my apartment so for the time being I will have to settle with not actually seeing the spirits, but just trusting in my own energetic receptors and intuition. But I struggle to accept certain info/answers as definitive when really I could just be talking to the air, and my subconscious.
Now I definitely sense the presences of the spirits I call, but communication is so subtle that sometimes I’m just not sure if I’m even doing it right.
I’ll give you a quick overview of my methods and maybe someone can give me some pointers.

-2 circles, one for me and my implements, another encompassing a triangle that is pointed towards myself. I place 4 candles at the cardinal points of my circle, and one candle in the demons triangle. I also place the sigil in the triangle. I have in the past sometimes burned a small amount of incense in the triangle, but I find this pointless as I’m not trying to manifest it to my physical eyes anyways. I then gaze into the sigil and the candle back and forth calling the spirit by name and of course the incantations as well. I then continue with whatever dialogue for that specific ritual. I politely dismiss the spirit to go and bring about that which I have commanded.
My biggest obstacle is doubt. My skeptical analytic mind has to get in the way. Doubt is why I’ve had minimal results in the past I think.
Anyways can anyone tell me if I’m going about this correctly and what aspects can I improve? and any advice that could help me overcome doubt?

Doubt and magick often go hand in hand early on, the big problem is that your scrying skill only improves with doing, and doubt has the habit of making you say “nah not today”. One thing that could help is to have journal in which you write all accomplishments as victories, so every time Magick demonstrates its validity, either in creating a certain outcome or simply wowing you with mental imagery you definitely did not create yourself, write it down as two or three line accomplishment. After a while you’ll have a few pages full of moments of power and devoid of all the doubts that plague you.

Then whenever you do ritual or evoke make it a habit of first reading a few lines from your journal, to remind you that when you add it all up it has already proven itself to you. It hasn’t changed or gotten weaker, you’ve simply shifted away from it. I guarantee this will increase your growth and the effectiveness of your work, because it is alas true that doubt can ruin a lot.

I myself do a similar thing because I’m doing dream work that’s very far from our normal perception of reality and noticed its easy to get trapped in the regular mindset (and the lack of ability that comes with it). I found that reading it through and reminding myself of the highs every once in a while does wonders for getting me in that state in which I succeeded to push the envelope.

So when Ant’harratu said you need a better manifestation base, well, my guess is he meant you yourself and the relation you have to your tools and method of evocation.

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its weird for me… its like they are in and around me. they speak to me with my own thoughts sometimes other times there is a strange pull to do something I’ve come up with lots of strang little workings on these “hunches” that had great results. I was vary skeptical until I desided to entertain that this is the spirit talking. now I think its only a matter of time befor I see them, and better yet can physically touch them. My only regret is all the time a waisted being afraid of evocation. ( yes im newish to this kind of workings)

i did one this morning and it was the lightest trance i’ve ever been in when doing a working but i feel like it went well.

i burned on top of an overturned plate and right when i made my request the plate shattered at that point. also, when i looked at the shards they were glowing. so i consider that something was going on.

i didn’t do the flash from tgs and i didn’t structure, i just called the spirit and when the atmosphere changed slightly i went through with it.

sometimes you have to ‘act as if’ the way nlp pracs would say in order to kill your doubt and let the working cut you deeper into your magickal trance. trancework deepens with repetition so just do the reps of doign a lot of rituals and keep working on opening your dominant modal psi (visual, audial, or kinesthetic) and use that to sense the spirit as much as you can. the idea is that every time you do a ritual they will make themselves more and more known to you until you get to the point where you can experience them fully

@the fool
Maybe try what I do to get into trance.

Instead of just a short meditation to reach the tag state do this.

First do the preliminary meditation
Next the LBRP if you feel it necessary (which sometimes I don’t)
Then the middle pillar exercise followed by some circumbobulations while sprinkling consecrated salt water.
Oh and I usually consecrate the water in the name of the spirit I’m evoking and as I spread it I say something g along the lines of (example)
“I open this temple as a gateway to the Emperor Lucifer and his legions,may I be brought to hell and hell to me”

Something like that.
Keep it appropriate for the powers you calling.That was just an example.

It gets my mind in the right mode and basically tells myself what I’m preparing for.

Hope this helps!

@Musta what do you think about circumbobulations and the direction you go while consecrating the circle? I’ve heard EA say something about the direction and number of circumbobulations that varies depending on the spirit and the goal in mind. Yet this seems dogmatic to me.

Well as far as how many times that’s always been intuitive for me.When I feel like I’m done then I’m done.

Now as far as I understand (anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) walking counterclockwise is symbolic of walking “against” the sun or light.While walking clockwise is the opposite.

I don’t generally perform evocations in a traditional way. I don’t really call or summon an entity to me, instead I travel astrally to where that entity is. They entities I’ve worked with seem to like this method, because they don’t have to really go anywhere.

With regards to actually performing it- first circles, lots of them. The LBRP, the BRH, and the SIRP all in order. Depending on how much time I have for it, I may cut out some of the layers of circles. I then put myself into a trance, then journey out to find the entity I want to contact. I don’t physically hear or see the entity I’m dealing with- it’s more like I’m “sensing” or “knowing” what they look like or are saying. That is, of course, unless I’m channeling or someone else I’m working with is channeling. Then the entity can speak freely using the person channeling them.

^^^^This is the reason I want to learn to soul travel (well one of them lol)

I have a question that might be stupid but what is the SIRP?

The Supreme Invocation Ritual of the Pentagram. I perform it as outlined by the late Donald Michael Kraig in his excellent “Modern Magick”.

Thanks.I have that book but haven’t worked through it all yet.