What are effective meditations or exercises to accomplish astral projection?

The thing that I seriously want to accomplish is deliberate and controlled astral projection. There have been a few scarce instances of accidental AP but nothing more than that.

Is there anyone here who is experienced and can provide some sound techniques to accomplish it?


Still learning. But Robert bruces 90 day course has been showing me major progress


as i know , astral projection/soul travel needs a lot of energy
so i think opening chakras , growing them , cleaning them is first step
going to deep trance (hypnosis your self) is second


can anybody tell me what i did acording to me i soul traveled, but the only thing that i saw was a
fucking pink lyon speaking to me what the fuck!

Do you think it can really be learned/mastered within 90 days? Or is it just a marketing phrase to sell books.

I would say that the 90 days will teach you all you need and give you good chances, then it might be a little individual how fast progress happends.

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Robert Bruce is the real deal.