What are conjurations?

In the Goetia there’s a step called constrictio. I don’t really know exactly how it works so I’m kindly asking for some insight.

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Of course conjuration is different to evocation and invocation. The conjuration is the act of calling a spirit through another spirit, considered superior like Ahriman, Lucifer, Satan or Abraxas and it manifests like the binding of the targeted spirit.

I’ve also heard that conjuration is a way to test whether the spirit is the real deal or a trickster spirit through specific questioning. Do higher entities like Amaymon or Ziminiar factor in this in any way?

Wow you are tough! The majority runs away from Ziminiar but yes he is indeed one of the high hierarchi

So, would Ziminiar be a good choice for scaring away trickster demons, or would that be overkill?