What are BALG's favorite magicians out of history, and why?

That’s true, but that explanation doesn’t exactly point a finger at Vladimir Putin. Why not Valentin Grigoriyevich Rasputin, he was born in 1937, which is only twenty years after the death of Rasputin. And it’s actually the same last name, and his middle name is very remiscent of Grigori. There’s literally billions of people who could have been the reincarnation of Grigori Rasputin, and if we’re going by names there’s much better options than Vladimir Putin. Does that mean anyone who dies with the last name “Ashford” is reincarnated into a family with the last name “Ford?”



Yeah well​ as I said I’m not just going by the name… I’m also going by the military and wepon advances and technology which can only be discribed as MAGICKAL!!! AND HE HAS THE GREATEST NUCLEAR MISSLE IN THE WORLD LITERALLY NAMED “SATAN” that would blow up the entire state of Texas. Not to mention jets that are so advanced magick aka ADVANCED SCIENCE could only be the explanation. It’s just a theroy. Lol

It could just ad easily be reverse engineering alien technology.

EVERYTHING u said is a literal form of MAGICK

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Magic is just the natural science’s yet to be explained but which some have a natural inclination or intuition for.


I love this guy’s work although fiction went on to be one of the most used systems in modern magick. Lovecraft claimed to be an atheist but I think in such a day and age I would have rather called myself an atheist than say, I channel superdimentional beings in my sleep that have far more reality to me than your religion or any other.
Like Lovecraft I also hide my personal occult knowledge into my fiction only difference is I’m still alive to ask about it.


Absolutely brother. Well stated :slight_smile:

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The only magician (termed “wizard”) I knew about as a child was Merlin, and I knew of his lore from a very early age… until going to post this, I hadn’t realised the extent to which this must have influenced me, because he was no victim nor oppressed lunatic genius, he was a solid part of the Court of King Arthur, and wielded real power over policy decisions, and the fate of the kingdom.

And even someone of his power was brought down by a woman…

Interesting signals for a small girl child who sees spirits to receive, eh? :wink:


My childhood hero as well.


H.P. Lovecraft. My favored priest of the old ones… The original sleeping prophet…


Oh yes, Merlin… I tend to view him as a neutral and complete magician, in any case he probably did exist. Also others, for example in a (more specific) alchemy/hermetic field, Cagliostro. A writer once suggested that the Count and “Giuseppe Balsamo” may had been two different individuals.


Nikola Tesla, he’s also my favorite alien. :wink:

Why? There is all most nothing we use today that not only he foresaw but also had a hand in creating.


Excellent choice!

This is very interesting. Good thinking and insight.
What is your opinion of Nyarlathotep and a connection of Legba of the Voudon tradition?

You thoughts put into words have a very strong path of dark energies.

Good question! As far as older magicians I would say Jack Parsons because he was an absolute madman and occult badass, Crowley because he carried magick into the twenty first century. As for modern magicians I would say EA because he is the reason I got into magick and his material formed the foundation of my practice, S. Ben Qayin because his work taught me that magick can be scientific and is in fact a science. But my all time favorite magicians are Odhinn, Set, and Baron Samedi. Those guys are rockstars.


I know it’s another old thread but I want to throw mine in too. My favorite magician is Dil. According to legend, Dil was a Druid of the Crecaighe in the early AD era. He was said to have encountered a young man named Eogan Aillil, who was on his way to reinforce an army. Dil bid him to drink with him and divined that the young man would die in the battle. He told the man that he shouldn’t die without issue and told Eogan to take up with his daughter, Muncha if she would have him, and that the result would be a son. Dil said that if the boy was born on one of two days, he would be raised as a Druid, but if he was born on the second of the two, he would be a King and engender a line of royalty.

The young man had it on with Muncha and went to battle and died. Muncha did fall pregnant and went into labor on the first of the two days. She held on ad long as she could in order to birth the child at the break of the second day so he would be a King, and the effort killed her, but her son Eterscel did begin a line of King’s in Dal Riada.

I found this in genealogical research. A lot of stuff becomes legend and mythical when old families attempt to trace their origins, but some of my ancestors believed this story. So Dil Crecaighe would be one of my ancestors.

Eterscel is said to have married Mess Buachalla Echach, and she was the grand-daughter of the mythical Etain, another magician.