What are BALG's favorite magicians out of history, and why?

I’ll start by saying I believe that there was once a necromancer like Abdulla “The Mad Arab” Alhazred (bonus points if anyone can provide me with a better translation of “Servant of the Devourer”). He’s basically H.P. Lovecraft of 8th century Yemen. I could go on forever. It’s an obsession bordering on unhealthy.

I also like Passoconoway. He’s basically Merlin of the sixteenth-century Pennacook, probably the whole Abenaki nation. He’s been viewed as a Christ-like figure later down the line as Christianity started influencing the Native Americans.

Then there’s Aleister Crowley, the original anti-hero rockstar of the occult. It’s safe to say most of us here owe him some credit.

Finally, there is Amupte.
I only know him from some sort of astral communication, but I’m sure he is the “crazy Indian shaman” who once worked on the sacred ground of, I’m guessing, some Pennicook people. The braves used to go to him for power, but they did not know it required his providing them with dark spirits. There was a great battle over the sacred ground between colonials and the natives. Now a small graveyard stands on that ground, since about the eighteenth century, and Amupte haunts it. Due to the hooded figure that is sometimes seen at that graveyard, and my own intuition, I’m certain that that Amupte works with Nyerlathotep, like some Alhazred of New Hampshire . . . that is . . . unless Amupte and Nyerlathotep are one and the same. I’m not ready to ask him yet.


My favourite magician in history is myself.


Good answer lol


I love the necronomicon! I have all the different books but been too focused on other areas to put them all to proper use.

Now, as to favorite magicians. I’ll only list a couple that were huge influences on me over time. When I first started down occultism Stewart Farrar was the first author I read. Back when I was 14-15 years old, his books shaped my love of rituals.

Skip ahead a number of years and I was big into NAA218 and Robin Artisson. Having studied and experimented further, I’m all about the chaos magic these days. Peter Carroll and AOS specifically.


Heh, we don’t find chaos magic; chaos magic finds us. Been reading The Chaos Protocols by Gordon White.

I’ve read the Simon Necronomicon which is “nifty”, but the one that struck me right in my soul has got to be anything by Donald Tyson on the matter. Heh, even my BALG namesake is the original Arabic title of the Necronomicon. S. Ben Qayin is not kidding when he talks about the obsession that comes with Lovecraftian magic. Hell, even Anton LaVey (another gem) has a section on Lovecraft in The Satanic Rituals!

I gotta take a look at some of your favorites too.


Yeah, I have the two S Ben Qayin books and those are fun. Neighbors gave me some weird looks when calling up Cthulhu late at night before sleep lol


How’s that Azathoth book?

It’s good if lovecraftian magic is your thing, certainly not for everyone

Would you say it has the definitive “glowyness” you’d expect from the actual Necronomicon, or is it more like a template for one to compose their own Necronomicon?

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Alister Crowley is my idol meaning I give him mass credit for his writings, I preferably adore RASPUTIN!. Cause I believe he’s still to be alive and running Russian tbh… Putin?.. RAS- PUTIN?.. HMMM COUINCODIENCE? don’t believe so… And if u look at their military advances and nuclear weapons I can only discribe them as MAGICK!


Favorite mage of history? I don’t think I can answer that one without sounding overly mysterious.

So, with somewhat less pomp than I had hoped, I will say Circe. Whether she literally turned her enemies into animals or just made it obvious to others they were animals to begin with, she is still an inspiration.

Now, favorite FICTIONAL (?) magi are Harry Dresden and Magnus the Red :3


The Djedi of ancient Egypt who hold the secrets to Thoth’s chamber, I just found out about them and i won’t stop untill I’ve discovered their secrets, I am starting with the Nart Sagas and will decipher the mysteries’ from there, they were so knowledgeable, the Pharaohs even sought them and failed to gleam Thoths secret’s.

We all as magicians need to break this Djedi knowledge right open.


Serendipitous post! I was just listening to Dante . . . A-something . . . 's advert of his Necromancy grimoire, how the death of his father was the first key to his power, and I wondered how much power that could bring a Sith Lord.

Thoth is basically Nyarlathotep!
I’m looking forward to working with Thoth to discover ancient languages.


But, they have different eye colors. Grigori Rasputin had brown eyes, but Vladimir Putin has blue eyes.

Also, why would Grigori Rasputin need to change his name or identity?

What did he do for the fourty year gap between his drowning in 1916 and the birth of Vladimir Putin in 1852?

If Grigori Rasputin was somehow able to become reborn as Vladimir Putin, why doesn’t Vladimir Putin hold public orgies or heal haemophiliac children like Grigori Rasputin did during his life?


Sometimes, I have little flights of fancy where I muse that I might be the reincarnation of Rasputin. Maybe we’re all Batmen . . . I’ve often employed Rasputin’s methodology before even being aware of it lol


I guess I should stop fact checking and actually answer your question.

My favorite magician would have to be whoever built the Padmanabhaswamy temple in India. Because, there is a door which is sealed, sealed as in its not actually a door at this point, it’s a decorated wall. The only people who can open this door are high-level Sidhis chanting the Garuda Mantra.


That’s wicked cool!


Mabey he just switched his subconscious to another vessel (body) when his physical body perrished.


Yes Circe :wink: she helped teach me about potions when I was still in my white light RHP days and some of the things she mentioned were pretty disturbing for me back then (RHP mentality and all)


Favorite magicians would have to be Circe, Medea, Nitocris, lol Keziah Mason from Lovecraft, Merlin :stuck_out_tongue: , Hecate, Angrboda, Angus Mac Og, Alhazred, Baba Yaga, Mazu and of course Isis herself :slight_smile: