What approach would you take here? Baneful magick?

There’s this new girl in my life. She just got hired on my company and I lost some of the things I loved to do so that she can do them (according to my boss, I had too much on my plate). I was happy with that responsibilities and they would have probably granted me the title I want, but now I’m worried she will get it.

As an extra, I have the feeling the person I’m interested in, is kind of interested on her. This person and me have some story, we have been dating for some time, things got rocky but I want another try. If she’s in the middle, it will not be possible.

Now, she doesn’t live in the country where this guy and I live, but she’ll be moving here in some months and that will make it worse.

I want for her to not work in my company anymore. I want for her to not come to this country anymore. I want for her to not be part of my life AND the life of this guy anymore. I don’t necessarily wish her ill, but I don’t want her around. If something bad has to happen to her, then ok, her presence in my life is bringing so much grief. She

I have been thinking about AoW, Force Exile, but she is not even in the same country as me yet; would that make her leave her country earlier and come here? Or is more a “exit my life”? Got a bit paranoid with her exiting my life, but being me who loses the job, and she keeps it + the guy.

Same, thought about Andras but don’t want for her to leave her place terrified and come… here.

Do you think is a good idea to use Angels of Wrath + Magickal attack? I just want to prevent her from coming and I want for her to be out of our life…

r u good at magickal attacks?

It will be the first time

Freeze her out…


go with agares, he can make people leave.

At least the first time to do it consciously with beings. 2 years ago I had to face a very ugly breakup with a malignant narcissist.

I didn’t lift a finger, I didn’t reply to his attacks… nothing. He ended up with a horrible reputation (not from me), owing more money than what he owed me (karma is a bitch) and I ended up with an amazing job in the country I always wanted to live in. I don’t really believe in karma or God rewarding you for being a good person, so I’m pretty sure that was me doing it.

I thought Agares make people return…

yes, any thing they can do they can also do the opposite. president marbas can disease and /or heal a person

According to the Law of Attraction reading all that you said you love her. Through the hate you are feeding her. Cant you just ignore her? and let her be food for the worms or find a Statement that impresses you. One you firmly believe!?

Maybe @Lady_Eva can help with LOA insights