What am i doing wrong


I have been daily invoking azazel for 30days now (out of a 90day ritual for our pact) and im still not sure if he is there all the time… the problem is i can’t see/feel his energy :pensive:
when i ask for a sign that he is there or that he is helping me, i get no signs…
i’m scared that i’m doing something wrong and that he doesn’t care about my situation anymore :pensive:
can someone please help me? this pact means everything to me… i literally care about nothing else anymore (except for azazel and this pact, i love and trust him more than anything in my life… i really want to work with him and build our relationship some more )

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I know it’s annoying. You are not alone with that challenge. I guess just practice and try again and if it doesn’t work try something else what will work then for you. I guess also it’s matter of time too. But never give up.

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i know :persevere:
it’s just so confusing… cause he came to me 3 times in a dream before i had even ever heard of him… he told me there that he would help me get what i wanted in life…
he was my light in a very dark place :slight_smile:

but ever since i started evoking/invoking him and made the pact, i haven’t gotten any signs that he accepted or is near :frowning:

and i do think this is because of me (that i can’t hear/see him)
do you (or anyone) know any exercises to open your senses to actually speak with spirits and entities better?

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You firstly must create a bond with an entity. And for signs…use candles and watch their fire. Usually every spirit has different style of moving the candle light to show that he is there ( my personal experience ).


Also there are other sign’s to watch out for such as thickening of the air, cold breeze, candles flickering, candles blowing out completely ect…

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def use a candle, it’ll be very obvious if he’s there

Are you working on chakras? :slight_smile: For example, Ajna (between eyebrows or anyway on forehead) is the third eye and Vishuddha (on the throat) is the clairaudience chakra, their mantras are Om and Ham. Moreover there is Ah, but I don’t remember if it’s related to Ajna or Sahasrara (the crown chakra). Practice also the “godlike powers” of divination and soul travel.

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otherwise it’s like talking to a rock if you’re new

If you dont get a clear feedback, it does not mean they are not there!

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Always assume the spirit is there, regardless if you can feel/see/hear them or not.

There will not always be phenomena when a spirit shows up. In fact, there might not be any sign at all of their presence but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there, because they always come when they are called.

You need to trust in Azazel. Stop worrying about whether he is there and constantly asking for signs, and just assume that he is listening and carry on with what you are doing.