What am I doing wrong here?

I prepare some questions to ask the spirit & open the sigil. I get to a point where the lines are glowing and wavering. When I use a mirror, I can see the mirror fill with white smoke quite clearly. I feel like I am close.

But when I ask the questions, I really don’t know if it is just my mind, or some other intelligence using my own internal dialogue to communicate with me.

So I’ve included a question where I ask the spirits to tell me something I can verify about them with an external source, (ie. gematria of their name).

And the spirit just goes silent. And I can see my imagination digging for something in my memories.

Am I NOT scrying? What am I doing wrong here?

It just means your mind will block you because of subconscious doubts. That’s what spirits have said at least. I think that a certain point, you trust it totally without any doubt whatever and then you can really get in a deeper flow of information.

I am working with Paralda to develop my spiritual sight. I am able to summon Paralda. I know Paralda comes because I can see a gleam in my peripheral. He does not manifest anywhere near my scrying mirror which is interesting. There is a notable change in the atmosphere.

I have simply spoken my desires to other entities in this manner, and they do perform their task. I have no doubt that this being is real and summoned.

I just cannot communicate two-way with any being like this.
How can I develop this communication?

I began by writing down all the thoughts that popped into my head while trying to communicate. If they were clearly my own, I printed. If they were questionable or seemed “not mine,” I used cursive. After the ritual completion, I put myself back into a light trance, reread the crazy conversation, clarified my shorthand, and added my immediate thoughts. Then, did a tarot reading, and added my thoughts on that. Then went away to eat/ground myself. After 5 or so evocations, it began to become obvious which thoughts were from my own head. And I would have that strange energy/power flowing feeling when I was on the right track. Gradually, those “not mine” thoughts have taken on characteristics like ‘rough,’ ‘adamant,’ ‘facetious’ (my new favorite word), etc. Its nearly like hearing outside of the range of hearing. That, or I’ve finally gone off the deep end, which is totally acceptable.

Consistent practice. That’s all.