What about the Spells that didn't work?

What are the main factors that can affect a result of Love Spell or other types of spells? I read a lot about the good results, but what about the spells that didn’t work? In your experience, what most affected the spell results? and which ones took longer and required more effort on your part?

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Being “affected” by this problem, I started wondering about the causes. It may be that I’m interested in spiritual achievements, which take away part of the focus required for wealth and a love relationship. I just decided to work daily on chakras and do a few other things: in the past I used to, but after a while I stopped. Another option, maybe during a ritual or spell I don’t “exhaust it all” (consuming all emotion and desire, sending it to an entity and/or in the universe).


I believe love spells don’t work unless there’s something for it to hook onto, if there’s not one bit of interest the person has for you the spell won’t work because it needs something to feed to grow.


On the money.

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IMHO the result of the spell not working has a lot to do with which entity you summoned to perform the task. For some entities X,Y, or Z will not cause the spell to fail, but A, B, and C would. For LOTIR of the Kingdoms of Flame, a lot of the success has to do with you falling in line with the sacrifices that she calls on you to make because…you changing your vibrational frequency (for example) alters the path that you take because it will change the decisions that you will choose. That is just one example among many. In order for you (for example) to find someone that is suited to you, then You must not waver on Who you Are when you called her. This is a great oversimplification, but I think you get the idea.

However, if you call Eros for a love spell, you can expect a fast result that you had better take advantage of right then and there or all may be undone.


I had a clear answer from Lucifer about the love spells that do not work. “Why would you like him to love you since he disappointed you so many times?”


I’ve often heard it’s them fighting a drive that seemingly comes out of nowhere.

I had a girl numb herself with rampant promiscuity after I did one on her with the purest of intentions of forming a loving relationship. She ran into a sex rampage to shut her heart off because she felt horrified of the new emotions that had overwhelmed her.

It fucking sucked because she eventually ended up saying “I can’t feel anything for anyone now” when before she was asking me all these questions that gave away that she was nuts for me.

In short: some people are obsessed with keeping control and they see the draw to you as no different than a sane person views heroin. Straight up dangerous, especially if they consider you “out of their league.”

Another factor Sallos told me was “Surety.” If you doubt the magick it won’t come about. If you fire and forget it will often amaze you. Hard to do when you’re interested enough to fire a love spell at someone, that’s very deep level soul sharing when you want something that close to you. Hard to not lust for when someone like that is actually appealing that way for once

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Another thing some people don’t seem to understand is they have to allow the spell time to work and to just back off and work on themselves…

**Example…I’m just using the below scenario as an example, so I’m not insinuating at all, just trying to explain a few things.

You and Lisa dated for a few months, fell in love, but after a while, drifted apart. Lisa tells you she needs space, leaving you devastated. You bombard her with phone calls & texts, talking about I love you, I miss you, I need you, come back to me etc. She says no, leave me alone, I moved on whatever…

So you have a spell cast so Lisa can “love you again” or return to you. Well, you can’t get a spell cast and ask for Lisa to return to you, but then turn around and bombard her with texts asking for her to talk to you, to see you, does she miss you too etc. How the hell is she supposed to miss you if you’re constantly trying to contact her? why would she come back to you, what changed?? All she sees is the desperate you. If you back off her for a little and give her space, as well as allowing the spell time to work on her, changing things around so you have a better chance at getting her back, you’d see results.

If people would just give the spells they have cast time to work, work on themselves and resolve whatever issues with them that caused a breakdown in the relationship and just back off for a bit, they would see better results. Maybe not all the time, but for the most part yes…people get in their own way and interfere with their spells, slowing them down, possibly to a screeching halt. It’s best to back off and let the spell do what it does…

I had to learn that the hard way when having work done years and years ago. Hope that helped a little bit :bouquet:

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I’ve seen love spells work on people with low interest. The love spells in my experience would manipulate the targets mind making them think they liked the person. Now the effects do fade away and the caster would have to make a move in that window of opportunity. If not the target would lose interest after a while

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I can agree with this. I would have a spell cast then do no contact for a while so that the target may think of me. Now how am I so sure the target is thinking of me and the spell is working? I would go to divination, not only done on my own but would confirm with another reader

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Low interest isnt no interest. It’s still something for the love spell to snag onto.

But you just said low interest lol.

The point is magic works. There was one binding spell in haitian voodoo that was able to break a persons free will. This is possible but requires an animal sacrifice.

The point being it works when there’s something for it to latch onto, magick doesn’t create something from anything it transforms something into something else or expands on what’s there. Love spells are like taking a deflated balloon and pumping air into it, the balloon had some air in it even a little and you added more and expanded on it. I don’t believe free will is an issue at all, but it still requires some form of it, mainly because getting someone who has no empathy or feelings for you to love you won’t work. Notice you sure, then from there sure you can work on getting a sliver of attraction going.

Doubt is a big one. If you do a banishing beforehand you should be fine. It removes all the negativity, doubt etc. If you stay in that circle to cast it before closing, it helps too. Casting without a good energy source like say … an orgasm, pain (I like to use a lancer on my finger to draw blood) could result in a failure. Im just using that as an example people use all sorts of energies those are just my prefered. And it depends on what you are doing. Demons only help me so much(personally). If I want something fast I do a sigil or program a servitor.