What ability is this? It’s gonna sound kinda bizarre

I’m trying to figure out what this is that I’m doing. Please give me your thought on the ability I describe below.

So sometimes before I’m going to work (or elsewhere) I’ll wonder what I’m going to encounter at work that day.

I’ll make circles in the air palms facing each other with one hand I think in counterclockwise direction then look into the air between my 2 palms. If I’m not distracted then I get an impression sorta a transparent colorless visual of the place I’m wondering about and I’ll see it in the air (or in my minds eye in the air) between my palms.

It’ll be like I dunno how to describe it really cuz it’s sorta like I’m looking at where I’m thinking about but it’s completely colorless transparent impression of it. sorta a ghost image I guess you might say.

I’ll see in a colorless image my workplace almost like I’m there but with no colors (like one time doing it I saw the puddle on the sales floor another time I could see in the cooler refrigerator unit how many skids and carts of stuff I was gonna have to work that day.

Is this chaomancy, precognition, retro cognition, remote viewing or some weird form of psychometry (gained by the fact I’m in contact with the air)?

I can only do it if I do the air circles and only if
I am not distracted by anything and only if I’m focusing on what is going on at work (using my work example ) because that’s usually when I do it if I do it)

I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this but I was wondering what it is. My best guess is remote viewing or some kind of chaomancy

I’d love your input as to what you think it is I’m doing. I can’t do it all the time only if I’m focusing and not distracted by anything cuz even noticing my clothes sleeves can distract me and make me unable to do it.


I don’t know what it is, but it’s very fucking cool.


@Onion Thanks. I don’t know either is why I’m asking. Maybe I’d know if I could understand what happens for people when they use those abilities like remote viewing. Like whether they see it transparent or like looking at your room in real life or at a painting or what.

Edit add: if I knew how people using the abilities I think it could be one of experience them I’d be able to know whether it was one or of them or not.


Sounds like scrying, when you consider the actions you take and the way your eyes would focus/unfocus from it. A friend once told me I was seeing between the planes when it was real fantastical looking stuff, like wiggly worms in the sky or when it seemed like an entire location was overlaid on top of the physical.

However. When I see spirits like demons/angels/djinn- pretty much anything not dead or a shadow, this is exactly how I see it. Almost there but not.

The dead and shadows however at times seem so physical, that I double take.

Idk if that helps you or not, but it was what came to mind.


@anon97554939 Yes that is helpful.

I’ve tried s scrying with mirror and water but never had any success so I didn’t even think of that possibility.(Well I might have thought of it and then discounted and forgot it).

As to my lack of success with other types of scrying (if that’s what I’m doing) I’ve always got distracted by things surrounding me (like the bowl edge, the table, my surroundings etc).

So with no scrying success to compare to I didn’t think of that possibility being what I’m doing.

It does make sense though especially when you say the images come to you in kinda the same transparent Manner when you scry.

Thanks for the helpful answer.

Edit add: do you (and people in general) have closing type ritual actions when scrying? (Like when I end from doing that I’ll sorta do a ending/closing single swipe motion with each hand similar to but not exactly


with the hands aren’t touching and it’s not a repeated motion each hand only doing the motion once with the (scrying?) space still between my hands.

(Not the best visual but it’s the closest I found to the action I’m trying to describe with regards to when I’m done doing the thing I do (air scrying?) I couldn’t find a visual for the beginning circle hands part

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I’ve never heard anyone say they do, but I have heard/read that some people think, you should thank the spirits of whatever was giving you the images, and essentially give a license to depart.

I personally have no reason to believe scrying, without the intent to ask an entity or guide or something, a question- is no different than meditation, and whose to say the images aren’t some sort of reflection of my mind or subconscious- if I’ve not specially asked for help prior to scrying?

I compare it to meditating because it happens for me anytime I let my focus relax, or I stare at something for a while, or even if I meditate with my eyes open.

When I was in massage school years ago, my instructor had us cut the cords to the client/individual each session, by swiping are arms in a big arc and then dropping your arms through it like scissors. :woman_shrugging:t3: At the time I understood energetic links and things like that, but never really got it- that it was a physical representation-symbolic.

Basically it wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t see any need for it on average.

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Sound like a strang form of remote-viewing, very cool.

P.S. have you tried clapping your fingers togeter like E.A. in his energy manipulation video, then focus on not just what your destination is, maybe other locations, move it so you view from diffrent angels, as in “this is my remote portal, and I see inside this store my favorite brand of xyz is out of stock, thank goodness I didn’t waist the foot leather”

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Sorry, here is the video I was talking about.

I have gotten those some ghost white images you describe, also of very mundane things. You seem to have much better control over it than I as Ive only experienced it a few times.

Im going to echo calling it scrying.

Edit: what helps me is looking into the darkest thing possible. Usually I cover my eyes with my hands. That seems to work better than closing them. If my eyes are closed i think it signals to my brain to stop looking.