Werewolf spirit animal

I had an interesting lucid dream before getting to sleep last night. It was just past midnight.

There was a wild dog i could see and it turned into a werewolf before my eyes. I started having a nose bleed which i could also feel in real life as well as the animals breath. We were face to face but there was an invisible energetic barrier between us. I could tell there was blood lust and it felt drawn to me but the animal was sensing that i was expecting it to bite me or suck my blood because i turned my head away to expose my neck. It then said firmly “No, I’m your protector!”. To make it clear that it wouldn’t harm me.

I wasn’t exactly scared when it was that close to me but it was a tense moment for sure.

I snapped out of this lucid dream state which couldn’t have lasted very long. It just felt much longer. I wasn’t bleeding - i touched my nose to check so it must have been symbolic of my life energy.

And the animal had a humanoid side to it. Like Anubis. Dark fur and it was standing up. Usually you’d expect a werewolf to grow from a human not a wild dog. Technically it would be a weredog?

I was searching the internet for answers to who this spirit might be/it’s name. I couldn’t find too much information but it’s supposed to be a guarding spirit and protecting it’s owner.

Best time to call up on it is ‘coincidentally’ - or not so coincidentally, November and a Thursday.

Would like to hear of other people’s experiences with werewolf/weredog type of spirit encounters.

I do love wolves by the way and I’ve always had a thing for werewolves so I’m ecstatic. Over the moon :wink::grin::wolf::full_moon:

I’m being drawn/guided to Wepwawet. I do know him, from a very long time ago - when i was a child. I totally forgot about him! 30 years is a long time.