Werewolf Lore

I want to know what you know about the lore of werewolves. Please share your experiences if you have had any?

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Check out this website if you are interested.

I don’t know the lore of the werewolves but I was very interested in shapeshifting a few years ago so I started researching lycanthropes and the likes.

I stumbled upon a creepy looking book who claimed that real life shapeshifting was indeed possible but very risky and could potentially damage your mind permanently. I got a pdf online but didn’t like the energy of it at all so I deleted it and now I can’t find it for the life of me.

But the most notable thing I read about it (I will never forget it since it pushed me into researching the occult) was a comment who warned:
“Be very careful with this book, I’ve seen a man with an elongated arm after using it.” (Not an accurate depiction of the comment)
From the way it was formulated I could sense that the person was actually pretty terrified of that experience.

You could also search up “Michigan Dogman”.

I don’t know if it’s fiction or not, but I won’t forget that comment lol.

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@Bizarre I have not heard a story like yours, but yes shapeshifting is possible. A friend of mine said that there are two types of shifting:

  • Mind Shifting
  • Physical Shifting

Both can be very taxing to the shifter. Please if you are thinking of doing this, build up your mental fortitude and physical endurance. I can kill you in some circumstances.


@Bizarre I can see why you looked at the “Michigan Dogman.” Werewolves tend to appear blurry in otherwise clear photos. It is because there has not been any digital camera that can capture a clear photo of one. Their auras tend to mess with electronic recording devices. I is similar to how a vampire is not visible in a photo.

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I knew that vampires don’t have a reflexion (in mirrors) but didn’t know that they can’t be recorded. Makes sense if I think about it though.

The blurry photos are making people doubt that werewolves are real and it’s understandable. Anyone could photoshop a wolf head over a man’s body, apply some blur and say that it’s the camera’s fault.
I don’t deny their existance but I can’t say that they exist either, wich is frustrating

I know.

It is extremely frustrating.


Its a lore of lupos werewolfs in France, its a few books in tat topic the ony guy who wrote tis published in 1974_80.a occultista. Here in forums a member post his experiences on a few rituals he did And if u search. Its also silly rituals such drink wolf blood, but few deities which will conect you to tat rituals. Are you especially look for lore, info. Its 3 books in amazon. Are you looking for rituals,? U may search in foreigners forums or facebook pages in anothers languages which u can translate instantly.


I highly suggest william r wraithes work. less lore and more “become one yourself” but the shapeshifters bible is a good read.


Is there anywhere I can get the shapeshifters bible for a cheaper price than $100-$200 dollars?
I found it here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/william-r-wraithe/the-shifters-bible/paperback/product-23874640.html.


As far i knw the shapers bible is a second edition,? Or the original, thanks.


im afraid its just a costly book. Money is easy to manifest if you know the right spells and rituals and im sure you could find a way to summon the book to you via the forum. it’s just a pricey book. Alot of occult stuff is like that. But he does have other books less pricey if you’re interested i suggest you just take a look at his work, his discography.


I also am interested in werewolf love. How can I find one to mate?

Yeah, I see how the price could be worth it.

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find a large pack if you can’t try going out on May 7th or maybe the next black moon (which is on August 18 this year)

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Did you end up getting it

No it’s not on my budget but I believe now that the price is worth it.