Went to a elemental realm last night

I think I went to the fairy realm last night I really do…Ok so I was doing Chakra stimulation, energy raising and when I went to bad I had this very vivid dream. it was Very vivid. full colour sharp vision. Normaly when I dream it is a bit blurry.

I have 20/10 vision, so I’m used to everything being sharp and clear and it was. at a certain point I was in a car riding with someone, then I looked at this person and I said “I’m astral projection” Like I woke up inside a dream.

I then said, “I’m going to the fairy realm” right before I flew out of the car and before it ran into the trees. I got there almost instantly an I met one of the most beautiful creatures. not beautiful in a sexual way but in a artistic admirable way.

it had limbs and and head like a human. but it’s body looked like it was made of a polished metal. it made me think of a lantern almost.

it’s limbs and body and head had designs and inside where coloured bugs. like lightening bugs but they were all sorts of colours. red yellow orange green blue purple pink. they flew together in a way that made them look so beautiful.

and the lantern creature danced around with these bugs glowing inside it. fell limp when it let the bugs out, when the bugs were out they seemed to shine and glow brighter then before, they went back inside the lantern creature and it came back to life.

the areas was life a organized nature walk. a stone walk way. very detailed gazebo, large and shadowy trees, a water way with a bridge

This was quite an experience