Well this is a first for me

I looking to buy a Rune set and they are made in many different kinds of stones. I need help in choosing which stone to buy.

So this post is for those who are experienced in runes and what’s the best stone or stones they should be made from.

I seen Rose quartz, purple Amethyst, black tourmaline , blue agate, etc. So many to choose from.


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Use wood. Make your own.


OK then now the question is which wood would resonate with the runes?To many different types of wood to list.

Whatever you have an affinity for. I used birch.
When you carve the rune, sound out the name of the rune, focus on the sound of the rune, then paint them.


Cool thanks.

Traditionally they are to be made from the wood of a fruit tree.

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Does it matter which one?

Any will do just fine. All the lore says is fruit bearing. So any tree that produces something you can eat really. I used walnut with no issue.


Cool and thanks also. I visited your shop on esty and left a message.

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Tourmaline it’s a good option but it must be bought from a serious seller and not some plastic

I thought the traditional wood was Beech Tree. In German this translates to Buch (Beech) and from there you get ‘Buchstaben’ ( = Letters) and Bücher (Books)
The literal translation of Buchstaben is ‘Book Sticks’
But I am not German so I might be speculating here.

Oak or Ash, Yggdrasil was said to be one of either.

Remember to paint the runes red, as that was their traditional colour.

I bought a set of semi-precious gemstone Runes with gold paint ages ago because I liked the way they looked and I don’t use Runes for divination that often, and could not see myself sourcing wood, preparing it, etc. (I have to add I do have some wooden Runes but I used a slightly different configuration, and don’t use them much for divination.)

I think if working with Rune drawing is your PATH, the time and inner work following the Havamal guidance is worthwhile, but I mostly use them for spell workings and it wouldn’t have been economical, time-wise. Also it seems almost a crime to lovingly craft a tool that barely sees use.

For that reason, if you’re considering the gemstone Runes, look for the one you think is most attractive or maybe find out which stone if found in both Northern Europe and Africa, to get “the best of both worlds”? :smiley: