Welding Positive vs Negative energies

I’ve heard a spiritual teacher argue that what we DEFINE as Good or Evil, is nothing more then our personal perception of positive and negative energy embodied within a given “thing” (person/ place/ event/ etc).

Positive energy: Constructive, cooperative, coalesce, blending, (angelic), compatible, communication, language, (think well designed computer circuits, or passionate desire)

[PUSHED TO EXTREMES it becomes: lifeless, stagnant, repetitive, boring, too gentle, stillness, frictionless, RHP’d, significantlessness, etc]

Negative energy: Disruptive, explosive, disseminating, division, friction, (demonic ?), cataylistic, individualistic, outward moving, (think dynamite)

[PUSHED TO EXTREMES it becomes: entropy, randomness, chaos, (the astral plane?), (the subconscious?), incoherence, noise,

If these two forces are working in tandem, the ideal mixture of the two is what defines good or bad, desired or unwanted. And our personal preferences are what allows us to feel radically different feelings on what’s “suppose” to be the SAME THING.

When I heard this explanation from the consciousness calling himself Bashar, I seriously had a mind-altering revelation.

I find this mental construct puts everything into perspective, including:

  • why I love the LHP philosophy
  • why I hate Monotheistic perspectives
  • why anything is either extremely attractive or extremely repulsive
  • why Satan (and more Demonic energies) must be brought back (down?) into this world
  • why some people will NEVER accept let alone tolerate the work of the LHP
  • and why its so important they be (lovingly) proven wrong

This positive/negative energy dichotomy unleashed for me a world of understanding, in both my personal feelings toward the world and myself, as well as the motivation and perspective of those I most disagreed with.

The Human race needs balance and flow of these energies in just the right amounts for civilization to continue to expand, evolve, and grow. As do we in our personal lives.

So if we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, how much of each does the Magician need?

And how does that differ for one who embraces and embodies the role (or perhaps the calling) of the Adversary? The Satan incarnate?

  • special thanks to Lucifer and Azazel for the inspiration to this post