Welcome to the great organization of riches and fam

Be Part Of the Illuminati
We are the science, philosophy, and religion of modern Spiritualism - the science of psychic phenomena, the philosophy of demonstrable laws of life, the religion of personal responsibility.
We are here to create A one Government system,a world with no War but Peace ,A World with no Poor but the Rich a World with No political or Religious Criticism E.T.C
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
Be Part of our Goal the New World Order (NWO)
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Erm, yeah, well first please take a mo to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I will pass thanks. This seems like the type of money spell where you try and get money from my pocket for yourself lol.

Yeah - I mean, we get an intro that makes some sense and gives some context soon, or we get bans up our Illuminated ass, because really sometimes the internet just sucks itself off so hard, it becomes an infinite circle jerk!

You must ask Satan himself if this is a path for you. The path this will bring you upon will bring riches and fame but is it whats best for you… seeking satan will help you further decide if this is whats best for you. AND YES a strong enough will to manifest extra money in ur life for payment is a requirement.

Okay just to check something here, are you claiming to be an Illuminati and yet you also say this?

[quote=“Infinityepok, post:618, topic:3232”]My current goals are to become wealthy as i have no money and would like help attaining money within my life. I know i am to become wealthy however some wealth now would be nice lol
So i guess my greatest struggle right now is making the money appear in my possession and helping others join the cause[/quote]

I’m sure people sending you money will be a great way to attain the same broke-ass status as you!

You know what, why don’t you ease up on this area and post like a real person, read through the “Money Magick That Worked” pinned threads, talk about some of your results so far, triumphs and failures… you’re not going to impress anyone on here with claims to be part of something, but we’re all happy to be impressed and inspired by your actions in sharing reaL genuine work. :slight_smile:

@Infinityepok I think that you visited wrong place. As @Lady Eva said, most people here are very experienced with magick and they know how things are working. Some of them don’t even believe in Satan and they see him as myth, nothing else. But, if you really think that you can help people out here, post some guide for it and I’m sure that they’re going to share their experience.

Oh my! I am truly blessed this day, may my fortuitous wishes finally be fulfilled, on this resplendent of all my days!

Ah yes, the illuminati; that pinnacle of human achievement, that delectable society filled with splendor, riches, fame, mystique; utilizing it’s will to achieve the apex of human civilization; with great alacrity in it’s motions, evincing stardom and fame for all!

Good sir, I feel blessed this day, for I shall forward you $15 American dollars, this day, to join the most recondite, elite group in the world; and for having you, a rather pudgy, consequential unwitty fellow amongst my camaraderie, I shall forward yet another $100!

Be blessed this day, BALG, for the Savior has arrived!

Now, to all of my sweet, dear friends here at BALG, let us pay this fine, dimwitted soul, for truly Satan has riches for all! If he didn’t, why would he need a poorly made facebook page?

Rejoice, BALG, Rejoice!

IN concealment please if I am to answere… yes… I just joined my ranks months ago… I have a great destiny to fufill… however I’m learning now to gain the will to earn money at the levels required… so yes I am claiming to be a mason, and yes I am claiming that I too have faults and problems I’m overcoming… its not an overnight transformation.

I like how you speak of satan for its his church. Don’t be foolish… to his organizations. Perhaps looking under the veil of concealment for this institution could uncover the answeres you seek about it… I wont be getting your money the organization will if you choose this path but you better be able to manifest great amounts of extra wealth in ur life before they initiate you fully is all I’m saying.

Okay, formal moderation request now to stop asking people to send you money to join any organisation/group/enterprise you may be involved with, or believe yourself to be involved with - there’s a rule that Advertising On This Forum Is Not Permitted and this is edging towards that now.

Please post regarding your personal magickal experiences if you wish, but I’m going to lock this thread now because it’s not going in a good direction. Cheers!