Weirdest ways deities or spirits have appeared to you

What are some of the most unexpected forms they’ve taken towards you? Perhaps something familiar?


Lucifer took the form of the Devil from South Park one Halloween.


A Vampiric spirit, a eight armed spider woman without a lower half, she seemed to be floating but standing at the same time

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I’d think he’d take the form of the red guy from Cow and Chicken.

“Hello, it’s me. I heard you speaking my enn, AND DECIDED TO PAY YOU A VISIT.” Plops onto the floor. SO, WHAT DO YOU WANT."


At dusk some years ago I was standing on the beach at the seashore singing a praise song to a female deity and a spirit came walking out on TOP of the ocean waves. As long as I kept singing, She kept walking on the water to me, when I’d stop singing, She’d stop moving and stood looking at me. Of course I got spooked and went back in doors before the spirit reached the shore line. She got close enough that I could make out what she looked like. She was tall, with long, flowing dark hair and her skin was stark glowing white and she wore a long gown that was flowing and it was a very light blue that almost looked white and I remember She had large black eyes.
I wish that I had been brave enough then to let her reach me because it did look like she would walk up on the beach to me. But I was afraid that she would take me into the ocean and no one would ever know what happened to me, I saw her standing on the edge of the water like waiting for me to come back, but I was too spooked. This was back in 1999, nearly 20 years ago. And at that time I didn’t know jack about anything, that’s why I was afraid.