Weirdest dream....thoughts?

So I recently had this really weird dream. irl, I was staying at a friend’s place and watching movies. Then just as it was lights out, I saw a shadow in the kitchen room, darker than the rest of the house. It was pitch black while everywhere else was a dark navy blue kind of colour. It freaked me out, so my friend and I retreated to her room. That night I saw the face of the shadow. The sight of him was calming and familiar yet still unsettling. I spoke to him in the dream and said, “why do you disturb this house hold?” He simply replied, “to watch over you. I do not trust the adults of this house, and nor do you. You called on me, did you not?” And I think subconsciously I summoned him but I have no clue. “Maybe?” I said. “Who are you though?” And he said, “I shine light on your darkness and absorb your negative emotions.” And I’m pretty sure that was Lucifer. I just slept like a baby that night, because I felt safer. I have always had a strong affiliation with Lucifer since I first discovered black magick and the left hand path, and knowing that he watches over me, guiding me, is what keeps me going.

Anyone had anything similar?