Weird tunes I keep humming?

I haven’t actually worked with any entities since establishing my “relationship” with Belial, but I have been expanding everything I know and feel. By this I mean meditating almost non-stop every day. I work at a martial arts studio, so it’s easy for me to meditate for hours until the classes start and afterwords when I get home. Anyways, during these meditations I come across many “figures” and places in my head. Like I venture off into a different time and place, and I can see myself sitting there meditating, on occasion with other beings around me (the “figures” I was talking about) and it feels so comforting. There’s sometimes a little tune in the background of these visions, and I hum it sometimes and I feel as though those beings are around me when I do. But I don’t feel pressured or scared, more the opposite. I know I’m protected and respected. Any ideas why this is happening?

Well, simply put, you tapped into their nature and you like them so much (and they like you probably as much too) that you’ve been touched by their blessing.

Sometimes happens, I’ve never heard of something similar up to this point, but it is normal for magicians to experience these little strange phenomena after or during an evocation.

Don’t dwell to much on it, dude, sometimes smallish details are meaningless. I get raps and knocks whenever I work with Marbas, but as far as I know, sometimes he wants to tell me something, other times it is just an indication of his presence. Just like body heat or shadow when someone with a body is nearby.

I strongly reccomend you to work more on Tarot. That would trigger and exercise your other senses. Just do readings for people and you’ll see how clearly you get the meaning of these smallish things.

But really, sometimes happens, it’s nothing you should be worrying about. Congrats tho! :smiley:

I’ve actually never worked with Tarot. However, I did meditate and contact Belial and asked him who they were, he just laughed and said “Friends of yours…” It was interesting to say the least. But now I really want to know where they came from.