Weird things

Hey all,does anybody know,why i feel weight of body movement behind my back when i lay on side in bed.I feel realistic touches of hands on my ass,and this always start when i lay in bed.I think succubus doing this,but i dont know why she doing that.Can someone help with this?

Technically any spirit can be sexual, touch you, or interact with you. Not just limited to the succubi. Seems perhaps something is interacting with you?

I would suggest finding out who/what it is. Also if your feeling tired/drained or stagnant (without an apparent physical cause) then might be a parasitic spirit/entity. If not, then that’s a good sign.

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Thanks for reply.Couple weeks ago,i write letter of intent,she is probably succubus.She is always with me,only not in morning.I feel many sensations,but i dont see her,and i cant hear her,but i feel her.I have pressure on forehead and between eyes,sometimes i feel wind breeze on face,and neck.She touch my hair.I feel warm let say tongue,below my down lip,almost every day.What you think about all this?

If you don’t ever notice the feeling of being drained then there’s a succubus who simply wants to make her presence known to you. Just give your thanks to Lilith. From what it looks like, she indeed accepted your request :wink:

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Thank you😉