Weird things happening

So last i woke up at exactly 3:00 A.M. in the morning which is the witching hour but everytime i do i get energized. Its not the first time ot happens. I did feel like i was being watched over though. Then i went to sleep i had a dream that i was knocking on the wall three times. After that i saw a figure i don’t remember what it looked like and i saw a sigil flashing and i woke up again and i felt like a intense energy and when i felt it i felt energized again and i felt i was being watched like someone was standing next to my bed. The sigils that i saw.

I saw them both combined. Don’t know if there is a sign or something is trying to contact me. Got a feeling that it might come back.


It’s always 4am as the Witching Hour from all my experiences. You know, the darkest hour before dawn…

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I think it was 4 when i woke up the second time, i was trying to go back to sleep but i couldn’t.

Maybe Lilith is trying to contact you, since you saw her sigil. The second one is from Lilith as well soo.


Those are Lilith’s sigils. Try to contact her and see what she wants.


One of @Lady_Eva’s golden rules is when you enter weird world weird shite happens. :grin:


It does indeed. It does.


Lilith all the way! She wants you, no doubt. (Also, the witching hour is between 3 and 4 :wink: )

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What do you mean one of her rules?

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I woke up between 3 and 4 A.M. again i there is not a day that i don’t think about Lilith.

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I think the top sigil is Naamah’s

Do you anything about Naamah?

No, the top sigil is Lilith’s

You are absolutely correct and too much wine seemed to blur my vision.

I stand corrected.

I was thinking of this sigil


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Haha can’t blame you then, it looks almost identical

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