Weird thing happen

Last night I try to get sleep
But something happen
I close my eyes turn the lights and when I close my eyes
I feel like a electric wave going through my head
Then I feel like someone walking at my bed
I woke up , turn the lights on and I don’t know what to think
Or what to do
I know that someone want to tell me something

What did I need to do?
Sorry for my bad English.

What were you doing previous to this? Evocation, reading tarot, soul travel, meditation…etc.

Nothing actually
But last nights I meditate
I really freak out
Want to know who comes

Maybe…Concentrate on the matter… and. . Ask ?
I mean…it could lie to you, but at least you«d feel it saying to you.
You could then interpret the information in your own way.
But at least you’d know someone was there and…who.

I know what you mean , but I don’t know how to ask and contact him.
So it’s happen again a half hour ago
But this time he wake me and scared the shit out of me.
It was like he really controls me , like and astral travel/vision and electrics from all my body , and it’s like he can controls my head.
He did it for a really short time 20 seconds
And leave.
I didn’t try to fight with that time
But he’s just scared me and leave.

It’s really bother me…
And I never evoke demon , or something just meditate.
I don’t know where it came from.

Automatic writing + self-confidence (trust your senses and thoughts). It always works. Just take a pencil and paper, sense it’s presence, set your mind in the receptive state and ask it questions then begin writing without thinking.

Ok , I will try that ?
I need to do something before? Meditate?
Or something?

Were you just starting to go to sleep when this happened? If so, it is not uncommon. I think it is known as ‘night terrors’. I actually look forward to this, as it is a precursor to a full astral projection/soul travel. I feel vibrations in my head and body, and quite often the feeling that something is in the room with me, or hear footsteps approaching my room…one time it felt like a cat or some other animal fell from the ceiling onto me etc. etc. When it happens just go with it knowing that your are completely safe from these ‘little nasties’ (as I have heard occultists calling them) and when you feel the vibrations are at there peak, imagine yourself rising out of your physical body…and something amazing will happen (trust me!)

[quote=“Tom1349, post:7, topic:1823”]Ok , I will try that ?
I need to do something before? Meditate?
Or something?[/quote]

You should try to call that entity so that you can at least feel it clearly in the room with you.


Thanks for the answer it’s kinda make me calm.
It’s just happen the two last night between 3:50 - 4:00 AM
That’s really close for what you describe
The first night I just had a vibration and someone just walking at my bed
I don’t hear that , I felt that.
And the last night I went to sleep in 1:00 am
And that vibrations woke me in 3:40 it was do hard really hard vibration
And I felt I can’t control my body and it keeps like 10-15 seconds
And that scared the hell out of me.

So you think I have the “night terrors”?
Interesting I will try your tip.

Thanks a lot

Elison thank too I will try that!
Maybe I will find that someone wait in the corner

Thanks !!!

Yep, absolutely nothing to worry about. What you are experiencing is exactly what I described. These vibrations typically occur when in between awake and asleep, so normally this is either shortly after turning the lights out, or in the early hours of the morning as you start to awake from a deep sleep. Paralysis of the physical body during this is also the norm and, yeah, it can also freak people out who don’t know or understand what is going on.

But it is a great thing! In fact, many people spend months, or even years practicing meditation and visualisation techniques specifically to achieve this brain state in their waking hours in order to astrally project/soul travel.

So, yeah, next time you experience this don’t waste the opportunity. Go with it and then imagine rising out of your body. I won’t spoil the surprise of what will happen, but it is fantastic and will leave you wanting more. It will also most probably change your perception of who you really are. Enjoy!

Wow , I’m glad to hear that.
Thanks for all the information !!
If that gonna happen again I’m totally gonna try that!
Thanks again Acidking