Weird symbols during full moon

This full moon had me all fucked to hell in every sense. From the 17th-19th I was in and out of consciousnesses like a dope head on the ultimate high. I felt pulled between our reality and different realities/worlds/planes of existence it was insane. If you’ve seen the movie Jumper you’ll know exactly what Im talking about. I had to have been to 50-60 plus places also different fuckin time periods including alternate earths all different in their own special way. The shit I saw Im still trying to grasp some of it and I did manage to get to sigils/symbols out of that experience. So far Ive remembered 2 I just don’t have a clue what they are in reference to.

Anyone wanna pop them open and see what’s on the other side? Fyi the first one has the wraps at the base which were like vines with thorns so maybe something plantlike and/or feminine.

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I think the first symbol is one of Naamah’s sigils.
She’s very close conected with the Moon

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Fire Demon sign.:love_you_gesture:

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