Weird stuffs happening and now the number 222

Hey guys, I’m a beginner who has tried one solo ouija session, and like 4-5 invocations/evocations of King Paimon. Other than that, I’ve mostly just been trying to do reading since no matter what I feel misinformed.

When I was trying to start the ouija sesh, I walked in my room holding candles and lights went out, half turned on, then my lights have been dead for weeks. Sidenote: I ran out when the lights went out but came back in. The bulbs work, and the attached fan works but the lights are permanently off. Every now and then I just get the urge to flip the switch and theyll turn on, but other than those few moments they wont.

Ever since, I’ve experienced random bursts of horniness, anger, loneliness, or sometimes a weird good mood. Kind of like the happiness you get during an epiphany, but it lasts a little longer. Then today I zoned out while on my computer and opened my eyes to a google search of 222, which comes up as an aneglic number so I’m confused as to what an angel would have to do with this.

I’ve gotten no activity during King Paimon rituals but even though I have absolutely no experience, I just have a feeling it’s not him. THis is all new to me so I’m starting to get concerned. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do about this or what the number might mean?

Its the message and meaning more so than what people believe it is. iirc, it has to do with new beginnings and cycles, right?

Yeah, it said about a shift in balance or in thought. The majority added a bunch of angelic connotations and stuff tho which had me thinking on that side of things lol

Sounds about right to me.

In terms of shifting.

Kinda makes me think somethings trying to push me to something, I just really dont know what,. Thanks for clearing up 222 a little!

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King Paimon is a lot like Lucifer in the since thatbhe loves to teach and push people into the best possible form that person can possibly attain at that time. They like doers and go getters that want that kind of power.

Yes, he is pushing you into something. I would suggest keeping hin close by and connecting with him once a week. Conversely, things can get a little shakey at this time, from the impressions being given to me.

Yeah, if you look for the meaning of numbers in Google (ANY NUMBER) a lot of angelic stuff comes out. Maybe the number is related to what is happening to you, or maybe not, so be cautious.

Did you banish before and after your ouija session? Maybe you invited something unwanted wich might not be King Paimon. If you can’t explain logically what is going on with the lights, then try a banishing ritual.

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