Weird (semi- nightmarish) dream. Semi lucid

So in the dream I was in a basement, with some woman. I was lying on some table or something?

It was dark down there, but that’s not the weird part. She was ripping off my body parts, my toes and knee mainly. Maybe fingers. It was like my body was made of glass/or plastic Iike because of how she was able to rip of each body part (no tools for the fingers and toes). I could FEEL her doing this to. For some reason I wasn’t able to move on the table. It didn’t hurt but I was scared nevertheless. Then she got to my knee, and start to try and saw it off.

At this point I became semi - lucid and sat up on the table. I looked at her (but for some reason didn’t question why she was trying to kill me or something – was afraid of a bad lucid experience). She had silver-white hair, and silver eyes. Very bright. She also looked to be in her late 20s. Didn’t look scary, nor did she act aggressive. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and she just looked at me, with a serious but quiet look.

I began talking to her (asking about stuff that I don’t want to go into), she spoke kinda cryptic or didn’t give straight answers. I then got up as her and I were talking and followed her up the stairs – out of the basement. Then woke up.

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It’s actually quite disturbing, I have alot of dreams like these. However this honestly was less scary for me then the others. However this one I feel had a meaning to it.

I don’t know if she was a normal dream character or possibly some being. The day/night when I fell asleep I did mess around with vampiric incantations to see if it would have an effect on me. Don’t know if related.

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This could be your answer.

Alternative answer:

This could be someone “taking out old parts” to be replaced with new ones, given her demeanor didn’t seem threatening. It also indicates at least a neutral relationship when you think about how it ended.

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The incantations were a (incantation/mantra) that if you have a vampiric essence/etc its supposed to somehow “awaken”/effect you? From Satania.

(I also tried out their other vampiric video to but eh)

I listened to it and maybe felt something? Don’t know if it was the creepy chanting but I felt better (I’ve been feeling tired/sick like/etc on an off for awhile but not actually Physically ill…) so I wanted to try it out. Was kinda a cool video. The dream though. Well if it was taking out old parts, then she missed all the “messed” up ones being my throat and stomach.

I’m always feeling like I have a lump in my throat , and sometimes naseous/fever like but not actually sick…=_=… which I feel in my throat and stomach. So I dunno.

I tried energetically vamping people today to see if it would relieve the “symptoms” and felt a slight relief for like 1-3 hours before I felt that way again. So I’m figuring it out.


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Hmm, interesting!

From my original reading, I was under the impression that she was interrupted? If not, you need a new doctor! haha.

I’ll say that it’s a process, right? If she started from the bottom, it could take time to get to those areas.

If you’re not actually sick, I’d assume you went to the doctor? If not, I would. You never know if you could have something going on (like growth or something). I’d imagine the throat is very sensitive, so it could be something small, but it’s never bad to be safe.

Interesting. Let us know how you progress!

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Yeah she got interrupted because I thought she was trying to hurt me.

I’ve been to the doctor, they always say I’m healthy. So I’m just considering all my options.

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Well, with this:

I’m hopeful that indicates this will help you. I sure hope you get relief from the ailments. I’ll be rooting for you.


There were a few threads on healing, here is one that lists all the healing entities:

I also haven’t gone through this whole thread, but there may be some helpful things in here, too:

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Yeah I did feel good for the few hours that I did. I’m also new to energetically vamping people but I aimed for people whos auras/energies felt “good/healthy” to me and tried to take a little from alot…not into draining someone. However I don’t know how to filter energy.

So not sure if it is the case that I DO need to vamp others, then how to feel better for more then a few hours…

I’ll check those out! I’ve done alittle research on my own as well. Thanks!

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