Weird pressure in head after power meditation

I’ve doing the blue ray meditation and gotten decent results as well as working on energy work, but When doing the blue ray meditation I feel the top left of my head had a pressure like another chakra is there, I don’t have any books that go in depth about different energy centers but I was just wondering if that was in my head (no pun intended) or if maybe theres another energy center or minor chakra also being energized and if I work on that one too if it could help with maybe clairaudience for example, any info would be useful.

The top of your head would be the Sahasrara chakra, your connection to the Superconscious and spiritual worlds.

See I dont think its that because its not the top of my head, imagine the upper most left side of the skull, thats where the pressure is coming from.

There are three hidden chakras around the skull area below the crown. There are also 72 micro chakras within the pineal gland alone so it’s possible you activated one or more of those.

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Thank you.

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Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but last night a felt a pressure in my forehead while meditating in Lucifer’s sigil.

Does anyone knows if it is one of the chakras activating or it is just, well, a weird pressure?


well it most certainly sounds like a chakra is opening or at least being stirred. ive had the same experience with Lucifer, and lateR found him to be opening pathways to my connections with the spiritual realm.

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Would it help with astral projection if I strengthen it?

yes, most certainly.

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Also help with telepathy I think.

oh yes! Also if it helps i ran across the most interesting thread on telepathy yesterday. if i can find it again, would you like it linked to you?

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This are great news for me! Finally, more conclusive results!

Thanks a lot, for real, thank you for taking the time to answer. This is great!!! I’m so happy right now!